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The Factor That Could Drive Bitgert Coin Price Up by +2000%

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In the wake of the Bitcoin halving event, the crypto market is growing in optimism. There’s a great sense of hope among investors that the Bitcoin halving would usher in a bull market, and it’s happening.

The bulls are slowly regaining their hold. Bitcoin has consistently recorded steady wins in the past few days. Other altcoins are slowly following in its step on the way to reclaiming their losses from the recent bear run.

Bitgert Coin (BRISE) has been identified as one of the altcoins in the race back to bullish territories. Although, the coin might not be in the class of the most names in the crypto-verse, many experts are quoting a 2000% price surge for the Bitgert Coin. This article digs deeper into the Bitgert project, and we’ll identify factors that could inspire the coin to the moon.

The Bitgert Blockchain

The most important driving factor of the Bitgert Coin is its Bitgert blockchain. The blockchain is gaining popularity and could soon be one of the biggest in the defi industry. The network is already competing with Solana and Injective, and with its speed of 100,000 transactions per second, it has already overtaken the two popular blockchains.

As it stands, more creatives are also interested in the Bitgert blockchain for other reasons like its zero taxes, and its Proof-of-Authority consensus that does not require a lot of people to as validators. At this pace, it’s only a matter of time until the Bitgert blockchain takes a front seat among the top blockchains in the industry.

As the native token on the Bitgert blockchain, the Bitgert Coin could enjoy unprecedented use cases which would lead to increased demand and a price pump.

Autopilot Token Burns

Over time, different crypto projects, especially those with huge token supplies, have deviced different strategies that would set their tokens in steady motion, and one of the most effective is token burning.

Token burns on the Bitgert project involves permanently destroying 12% of every transaction on the project. With this strategy, the Bitgert project has been able to burn 36% of its 1 quadrilion BRISE token supply, which has consequently led to a 40,000% growth since its launch.

The token burn mechanism is still in place on the Bitgert project, and as the coin continues to gain increased usership, the token supply reduces to create inflation, demand spirals and Bitgert Coin’s price goes up.

Final Thoughts

Although Bitgert Coin (BRISE) has come a long way, the coin is still a mid-cap token. Its upside potential is huge. And with its increased usage on the Bitgert blockchain and the deflationary measure still in place, expert forecasts of a +2000% Bitgert Coin surge might be a realistic projection. To DYOR, read more about Bitgert.


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