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The Next Crypto to Watch: Chimpzee Prepares for NFT Launch That Will Initiate a 5 Billion Token Burn

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Chimpzee ($CHMPZ) is growing popular across crypto communities for its forward-thinking approach to wildlife conservation and climate action.

Chimpzee tokens and NFTs are regarded as more than traditional financial assets, as they are influential tools for climate action. The launch of Chimpzee NFT Passports, in particular, marks the beginning of a transformation within the cryptocurrency realm towards meaningful solutions.

How Chimpzee Supports Worldwide Wildlife Conservation and Climate Action Efforts

Chimpzee has set aside 10% of its token supply for worldwide wildlife conservation and climate action efforts across the world. 

Regular contributions are made to organizations actively engaged in these crucial areas.

Chimpzee’s climate impact depends upon the price and adoption of $CHMPZ tokens. But the value of $CHMPZ tokens is driven by factors such as demand and utility. This is where Chimpzee’s three-pillar ecosystem comes into play.

The project is building a sustainability community by leveraging its shop-to-earn, trade-to-earn, and play-to-earn platforms.

  • The shop-to-earn platform functions as an online merchandise store, offering various products such as t-shirts and mugs adorned with impactful quotes and designs. Customers earn CHMPZ coins with each purchase made on the platform.
  • The trade-to-earn platform or NFT marketplace works on a profit-sharing model, where active traders receive a share of the platform’s revenue.
  • Additional income opportunities are opened by Chimpzee’s Zero Tolerance Game. The play-to-earn platform is especially appealing to younger demographics, nurturing a community focused on sustainability.

Unlike traditional sustainability projects, Chimpzee doesn’t primarily rely on awareness programs to promote climate action. It places a strong emphasis on crypto incentivization and entertainment instead. The result-oriented approach makes it a more effective and engaging method for driving positive change on a global scale. 

Crypto Incentivization as a Tool for Price Dynamics

Chimpzee has established a robust three-pillar ecosystem where the utility of $CHMPZ contributes to the gradual appreciation of $CHMPZ tokens and NFTs over time. The 10% allocation towards environmental initiatives, on the other hand, addresses the criticisms frequently directed at the cryptocurrency market for its carbon footprint.

In essence, Chimpzee takes global climate action endeavours to a broader audience by fostering increased participation.

Chimpzee’s large network of partners expands the project’s scope beyond the cryptocurrency realm. In addition, it strengthens the token’s competitive advantage over other cryptocurrencies from an investment point of view. 


Deflationary Tokenomics as a Fundamental Strategy 

Chimpzee has initiated deflationary tokenomics as a fundamental strategy to attract early investments. For this, it uses the inverse relationship between token supply and price. 

The token supply steadily decreases as a result of regular token burns. It leads to positive effects on price dynamics.

Token burns have been a crucial component of Chimpzee’s strategy for value appreciation since its presale phase. They are implemented post-launch, as well. Notably, Chimpzee burnt 5 billion tokens in March as part of its efforts to optimize token value.

The next token burn event is scheduled to go live after the launch of Chimpzee NFT Passports. The tokens used for purchasing these NFTs will be burned soon. It is expected to lead to the removal of an additional 5 billion tokens.

The burn resulting from the NFT launch has the potential to decrease the circulating supply of CHMPZ from 8 billion to approximately 3 billion tokens.

Strong Price Movement Awaits Chimpzee

A strong price movement is awaiting Chimpzee, thanks to its innovative approach towards advancing climate action. It doesn’t just represent an overhaul in the sustainability market through crypto incentivization, but also the crypto market for its real-world impact. 

In other words, Chimpzee marks the beginning of a new shift in both the cryptocurrency and sustainability sectors.

The appeal of the investment is further boosted by the Chimpzee Staking Program, offering up to 40% APY. It allows investors to put their tokens to work during the investment period. 

The distinctive hybrid human-ape avatar gives the project a meme coin flavour which is known for its rapid pumps and dumps. While Chimpzee will benefit from its resemblance to meme coins, the utility ecosystem will underpin its long-term value appreciation. 

For more information and to buy $CHMPZ tokens, please visit the official Chimpzee website.


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