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They Don’t Know Yet That $SMOG Is The Next $WIF

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New meme coin opportunities arise daily, but few project’s hold a one-of-one position and blue-chip potential.

But in recent weeks, the next big things may have taken flight. Introducing: Smog, a dragon-themed, multi-chain meme coin running the “greatest airdrop of all time.”

Unparalleled success has swept the project, exploding its price by 341% this month and propelling it past a $160 million market cap.

Smog is currently offering a 10% discount on purchases through its website. However, this discount will end soon, so buyers must act fast.

Its notable success naturally begs questions about what Smog is and why there is such hype. So, let’s take a closer look.

Immense Liquidity Potential and Ingenious Marketing Tactics

Enter the dragon’s lair with Smog, a fierce multi-chain meme coin “incinerating all his foes” while “the greatest airdrop of all time gathers pace.”

There is a lot to unpack with Smog, starting with its multi-chain approach. The project is available on crypto’s two most prominent on-chain meme coin markets: Solana and Ethereum.

This provides Smog with innate liquidity potential, offering a distinct advantage over single-chain meme projects like Pepe, Bonk, and Dogwifhat.

Meanwhile, Smog’s notoriety is spreading fast, thanks to its widely anticipated airdrop, which has 35% of its total supply allocated towards it.

Investors gain eligibility by simply buying and holding Smog, but they can increase their chances of success by completing tasks outlined on the project’s Zealy page.

The latest data shows 20,000 market participants have entered the Smog airdrop, reflecting a strong appetite for the token.

This is also illustrated in the project’s impressive price performance since launching.

A Timely Opportunity to Buy Smog

Smog has enjoyed massive success since launching, peaking at a market cap north of $250 million recently.

However, a technical mishap recently saw the team lose control of its X account for a brief stint, causing the Smog price to retrace. The team has since regained control of the account, potentially presenting a timely opportunity to buy Smog.

As the Smog price chart below shows, the project has seen continued upward movement since launching, and the recent pullback has seemingly started to recover, indicating the next leg up may be imminent.

At the time of writing, Smog is priced at $0.2191, down 15.96% today but up 16.32% this week and 632.47% this month.

Indeed, its impressive price performance illustrates approval from meme coin investors, but leading analysts also favor the project.

In a recent YouTube video, renowned trader Matthew Perry told his 210K subscribers, “This might be the king of Solana.”

Meanwhile, prominent gem-hunter Jacob Bury listed it in a video of cryptos with 10x potential. 

Yet, even after a 10x, Smog would still have further room for growth to catch up with Solana’s leader Dogwifthat.

Here’s Why Smog Could Be the Next Dogwifhat

Dogwifhat recently flipped Bonk to become Solana’s leading meme coin. It may not be immediately clear why WIF has outperformed BONK, but analyst Credible_Crh1s attributes it to Dogwifhat being “cute” and a “funny meme.”

Chris argues that other Solana meme coins like Bonk, Myro, and Wen lack the same memeability. 

However, Smog’s unorthodox memetic allure is shining through, with the team illustrating adeptness to ongoing crypto trends.

Furthermore, its multi-chain approach and vast airdrop lay the way for tremendous community growth. 

Also, other leading Solana tokens like Dogwifhat, Bonk, and Myro are listed on Binance, indicating Smog could be next in line. 

Evident in Dogwifhat’s recent explosion, this would spell tremendous upside potential for the multi-chain dragon coin.

So don’t miss the project’s current low price. Follow Smog on X or join its Telegram to stay updated on the latest announcements. Alternatively, visit its website to buy $SMOG with 10% off.

Visit Smog Website


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