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Top 2024 Crypto Picks: Filecoin, SUI, and Milei Moneda Poised To Take over the Market This Year

Top 2024 Crypto Picks: Filecoin, SUI, and Milei Moneda Poised To Take over the Market This Year
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  • The Filecoin network boosts FIL’s profit chances through a BVM partnership. 
  • SUI keeps attracting investors despite bearish episodes.
  • Milei Moneda is here; join the presale today!

The crypto-verse came alive as Bitcoin raced towards its ATH. March started with a generalized rally for altcoins. Now, almost all the top altcoins are streaking toward profits, and even SUI is making its way out of its recent dip. Filecoin (FIL) joined the top gainers last week, as it recorded about 115% profits during the week. A new meme coin, Milei Moneda ($MEDA), is set to join the market shakers, and we have more information on the project.

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Filecoin Partners With BVM as Storage Protocol

FIL ranks high on any top ICO list in the crypto-verse, making over $220 million from its cryptocurrency ICO in 2018. FIL has not disappointed ever since, as Filecoin established itself as a pioneering platform for decentralized storage options in the cryptocurrency market.

That reputation enabled Filecoin’s partnership with the Bitcoin Virtual Machine last week, as BVM secured the project’s services for transaction storage. With Filecoin in charge of the storage protocol, BVM transactions will benefit from the increased security and scalability.

On the other hand, FIL stands to gain from subsequent price actions. Its presence on a Bitcoin feature is bound to bring even more users to the Filecoin chain. Also, the FIL token is getting significant backing from analysts to increase up to 100% this year. FIL is definitely one of the altcoins to watch this year.

SUI: Solana Expansion to SUI Could Spark SUI Into Profits

While the rest of the top altcoins recorded double-digit gains last week, SUI was left out of the market-wide price action. SUI was caught up in an internal bearish dip that saw it move down about 5% on the charts. However, that hasn’t deterred investors from going for SUI investments.

But why? It must be the most recent developments from Solana. Reports state that one of the top DeFi coins has extended one of its lending operations, Solend, to the SUI ecosystem. We will soon see a Suilend launch, where crypto users will be able to engage in lending activities on the SUI network.

Suilend stands to benefit from SUI’s incredibly fast transaction processing, as the chain uses a parallel processing system to complete transactions. The SUI network will also partner with security firms Zittec and Ottersec to improve security for the incoming lending launch.

Milei Moneda: $MEDA Is Joining the Meme Coin Spree With Fresh Plans

The Milei Moneda project is not your regular meme coin. The $MEDA token will be keeping up the meme culture of generating classic memes for its users online, but for once, these memes will serve a bigger purpose than just humor.

Milei Moneda‘s memes will infuse trending political and cryptocurrency issues to influence the global perception of digital currencies. The token is interested in promoting economic freedom, and $MEDA believes decentralized finance is the best way to go about it.

And Milei Moneda doesn’t just talk–there’s loads of action to back it all up! For one, the $MEDA community will be a perfect DeFi setup, allowing users to determine the development of the Milei Moneda project through their proposals and voting process. Members of the community will access monthly freebies like discounts and giveaways in addition to long-term profits from staking.

Join the Milei Moneda project today. $MEDA tokens are selling for $0.010 in Stage 1 of the presale, giving you a chance for 100% profits by May.

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