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Top 5 Meme Coin Picks by ChatGPT For 2024

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The meme coin market is seeing explosive growth this year, with several tokens already registering all-time highs in February. Seeing the current state of the market and growing investor sentiment, we asked ChatGPT to conduct real-time research across the internet and suggest five meme coins that show potential for significant performance in 2024. Here’s what we found. 

BEFE Token: A 100x Potential for 2024?

When asking ChatGPT to find some of the best-emerging meme tokens, BEFE token was one of its first choices. The AI model explained this choice was due to BEFE’s significant performance in the market since launch, as the token gained over 700% in just four months.

The BEFE token distinguishes itself in the crowded meme coin market through its innovative multi-chain model, which enhances scalability and interoperability across blockchain ecosystems, reducing transaction costs and barriers to entry. Its community-first approach resonates deeply within the meme culture, prioritizing engagement and inclusivity. Notably, BEFE adopts a zero tax policy on transactions and was launched without a presale, ensuring fairness and equal opportunity for all investors.

Analysts offer a range of predictions for the BEFE token’s price in 2024, with expectations varying from modest increases to more bullish projections. Near-term forecasts suggest slight fluctuations, with potential short-term gains. Others are more optimistic, citing BEFE’s dual-chain model and technical advantages as factors that could significantly boost its price. Price estimates for 2024 span from as low as $0.000273 to highs of $0.00118, with some predictions highlighting the possibility of reaching up to $0.0008240. Looking further ahead, projections extend into the next decade, suggesting a steady upward trajectory for BEFE, potentially reaching up to $0.00475 by next year. These analyses underline the inherent volatility of the cryptocurrency market, advising investors to conduct thorough research. 

Shiba Inu: Strong Community Support

The next pick from ChatGPT was Shiba Iinu (SHIB), the second-largest meme coin, which gained over 200% since last week. Analysts provide a variety of predictions for Shiba Inu (SHIB) for 2024, indicating both optimistic and cautious outlooks. 

A source from Changelly suggests that SHIB could see daily prices fluctuating in March 2024, with potential highs reaching $0.00002352 and ending the month with potential gains​​. Their longer-term forecast extends to 2030, with predictions for each year showing gradual increases. By 2024, they anticipate SHIB could range between $0.0000179982 and $0.0000219978 on average​​.

CoinCodex provides a short-term outlook, suggesting SHIB might see a 7.72% increase by March 11, 2024, with forecasts based on the past 30 days’ trends. They also offer a wider price range prediction for 2024, foreseeing SHIB trading between $0.00002311 and $0.00005411​​. Other analysts presents a conservative estimate for 2024, expecting SHIB to trade around $0.0000074 on average, pointing to a potential minimum price of $0.00000520 and a maximum of $0.00000825​​.

FLOKI: The Next Dogecoin Killer?

Floki Inu gained more than 400% in February, showcasing extremely bullish sentiment. The token’s community also approved a new burn mechanism recently, which could see its value surge further. 

According to several analysts, the short-term outlook for FLOKI suggests a slight increase, with projections indicating the token could reach $0.000166 by March 11, 2024, showing a gain of 4.48% from its current position​​. They forecast FLOKI to trade within a range of $0.000144 and $0.000256 throughout 2024, with potential for significant appreciation if it hits the upper target​​. The overall forecast indicates an average price of around $0.000148 for the year​​. 

Dogecoin: The Meme Coin That Started It All 

Despite the news meme coins taking the spotlight, Dogecoin didn’t miss out on the current bull run. The largest meme coin gained over 100% since last week, and currently trades at around 0.177. The 2024 price predictions for Dogecoin (DOGE) vary across different sources; however, most analysts remain bullish on DOGE’s future price. Projections suggest it could rise to $0.2 by the end of 2024. The short-term outlook suggests that DOGE might see Trade between 0.16 to 0.71 this year. 

PEPE: The From-themed Star 

PEPE has been one of the highest-gaining meme coins this year, as the token has soared nearly 500% in February, reaching an all-time high, and becoming the largest largest meme token by market cap.

Analysts highlight the speculative nature of investing in PEPE coin, noting its current price and mentioning that the coin has experienced volatility but retains interest from the crypto community. They suggest a bullish trend for 2024, with prices potentially ranging from $0.0000038 to $0.0000098, driven by factors such as listings on more exchanges and social media attention. 

Several analysts also provide a broader bullish prediction for 2024, estimating PEPE could trade within a range of $0.0₅6371 to $0.0₅8701, suggesting potential growth if it hits the upper price target. 


While AI tools like ChatGPT do not provide concrete predictions, its choice of these five meme coins reflects the market’s overall sentiment. These coins are undoubtably spearheading the current rally, and could see significant gains if the bull market continues. However, investors should always conduct their own due diligence and assess their risk appetite before engaging in such volatile assets. 

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