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Top Cryptocurrency to Include in Your Portfolio Ahead of the Ethereum ETF Approval

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The price of Ethereum continues to rise on expectations of a spot ETF approval in the United States. ETH has now broken the $2,800 barrier, reaching levels not seen since May 2022, indicating a growing interest among investors.

But while the spotlight shines on Ethereum, there is another crypto that promises even higher returns – Pandoshi (PAMBO).

What is Pandoshi?

Pandoshi is a community-driven initiative inspired by the decentralization ideologies of Bitcoin founder Satoshi Nakamoto. The project champions privacy, anonymity, and monetary freedom by building an ecosystem of decentralized products.

The native utility token, PAMBO, will be used across the Pandoshi ecosystem for gas fees, payments, staking, and more. For instance, PAMBO will serve as the native coin of the Pandoshi blockchain, called PandaChain.

As a deflationary asset, the supply of PAMBO tokens reduces over time through a buyback-and-burn mechanism. This ensures the value of PAMBO appreciates as the circulating supply diminishes.

Key Products in the Pandoshi Ecosystem

Pandoshi Wallet

The Pandoshi Wallet provides a secure way of storing, receiving, and sending PAMBO tokens and other cryptocurrencies. Released for Android and soon iOS, the wallet also enables access to decentralized apps (dApps) on the Pandoshi ecosystem.

PandoshiSwap Decentralized Exchange

PandoshiSwap allows for trustless peer-to-peer trading of crypto assets. Beyond the flagship PAMBO/ETH pair, the DEX will support other tokens like stablecoins. Also, each transaction triggers a buyback-and-burn of PAMBO tokens, enhancing its deflationary mechanism.


PandaChain is a layer-2 blockchain tailored for the fast and affordable deployment of decentralized apps. The Pandoshi ecosystem will primarily operate on this scalable and environmentally friendly network.

Cardoshi Crypto Debit Cards

The Cardoshi debit cards provide a convenient way to spend PAMBO tokens and other cryptos for everyday purchases. Issued without KYC requirements, the prepaid cards will unlock new possibilities for crypto investors.

Pandoshi Metaverse

The Pandoshi metaverse game creates an engaging platform that rewards players with PAMBO and other ecosystem tokens for achievements.

Why Pandoshi Should Be In Your Portfolio

As the Ethereum spot ETF approval draws near, Pandoshi presents an enticing opportunity to diversify your portfolio with a crypto that targets the rapidly expanding DeFi niche.

Pandoshi offers impressive utility across a range of decentralized financial products while enhancing wealth-building with its deflationary tokenomics. The completed products and continuing ecosystem expansion cater to the full crypto experience beyond basic speculation.

Moreover, with PAMBO price currently at $0.01 in the final presale phase, the token is still significantly undervalued.

Considering these factors, PAMBO’s price explosion seems imminent, especially as the Ethereum ETF spotlight brings more investor attention to the DeFi space.


As Ethereum charges upwards, driven by ETF expectations, the case for diversification with promising altcoins becomes stronger. Pandoshi presents an ideal opportunity to benefit from the expanding DeFi space, with impressive products and deflationary tokenomics that enhance its value.

The presale offers the last chance to grab PAMBO tokens while being affordably priced at $0.01. So as Ethereum takes center stage, take some profit and invest it into Pandoshi, the next crypto gearing up for liftoff.

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