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Trader Bullish on Bitcoin (BTC); Sparking Interest Seen in The Graph (GRT) and InQubeta (QUBE)

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The cryptocurrency market is eagerly anticipating the possibility of a Bitcoin (BTC) ETF approval, which could unleash massive capital into the crypto. Samson Mow and other proponents now foresee a significant rally in Bitcoin’s price, potentially reaching $1 million. Now, with anticipation building, the Graph (GRT) and InQubeta (QUBE) are also two notable coins that are drawing capital, pointing to sparking interest from investors.

These top DeFi projects are carving out their crypto niches, charting a course of growth and potential leaps in innovation. InQubeta is an avant-garde cryptocurrency ICO in the burgeoning world of artificial intelligence (AI) and decentralized finance (DeFi). On the other hand, the Graph addresses blockchain data organization challenges, and the market has taken notice of its robust performance as it sees an impressive rally.

This article explains Mow’s bullishness on Bitcoin and why investors are flocking to GRT and QUBE.

InQubeta’s (QUBE) Presale Amasses Nearly $8 Million in Funding

As one of the top DeFi projects to watch, InQubeta presents the first cryptocurrency crowdfunding platform to investors. InQubeta facilitates fractional investment in AI startups by enabling QUBE holders to own stakes in AI projects represented as non-fungible tokens (NFTs). This approach also allows investors, irrespective of their budget, to contribute to the startups’ development while benefiting from their success.

Investors appear interested in the InQubeta project, as evidenced by the ongoing initial coin offering. So far, this cryptocurrency ICO has sold over 698 million tokens, with only about 6% of the QUBE tokens allocated for its current stage left. QUBE tokens are available for $0.01925 each and will increase to $0.0224 by the next stage.

The presale has raised over $7.8 million in six stages, including its beta stage. This progress highlights that investors are not only watching the project’s growth on the decentralized cryptocurrency list but are also capitalizing on its strong proposition in the AI domain. InQubeta also has a 12-week vesting period whereby the tokens will be gradually released, which will help support QUBE prices.

Bitcoin (BTC) ETFs Could Trigger Massive Capital Inflows

Samson Mow, the CEO of JAN3, a Bitcoin technology company, foresees the price of BTC skyrocketing to an unprecedented $1 million. In a recent interview, he stated that the ongoing BTC bull market differs fundamentally from earlier ones, breaking the conventional pattern. Mow also highlighted that approving spot ETFs by January 2024 would be pivotal, unlocking a torrent of US institutional capital into Bitcoin.

The influx of billions in a concise timeframe could trigger a rapid price escalation of cryptocurrency. Mow’s $1 million price prediction is rooted in the belief that when BTC‘s limited supply is hit with substantial capital inflow and high demand, there will be a dramatic price increase.

The Graph (GRT) Experiences A 230% Year Rally.

The Graph addresses issues like data accessibility, retrieval, and management in decentralized application development. The Graph is the first decentralized protocol for indexing and querying in the broader crypto economy. This functionality is particularly crucial for the evolving DeFi sector, providing a robust framework that can process vast amounts of queries securely and efficiently. 

Investors and developers are drawn to this data-organizing crypto, as seen in its ongoing rally. GRT‘s price has been up 30% in a 30-day frame and over 230% over the year. 


Samson Mow envisages that another bull run for Bitcoin, which will be massive, is on the horizon. As the pioneer and leading cryptocurrency, BTC can only grow so much, while other projects may be in their early stages and have limitless growth potential. The decentralized cryptocurrency list features two projects, The Graph and InQubeta, which have recently sparked investor and developer interest.

InQubeta‘s presale has attained milestones as it offers enticing investment models and the opportunity to acquire NFTs linked to AI startups. Individuals interested in adding a touch of intrigue to their investment journey with QUBE can head to the website to purchase.

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