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UK Children’s Heart Unit Fund received £100,000 in crypto donations in a year

UK Children’s Heart Unit Fund received £100,000 in crypto donations in a year

The Children’s Heart Unit Fund (CHUF) is leading the way in cryptocurrency fundraising. According to the official statement, this organization has received at least £100,000 (or $137,560) in crypto donations within the last 12 months.

CHUF operated from Tyne, Newcastle. It is one of the few charities in the United Kingdom that can receive Bitcoin and crypto donations. Recently, it received a one-off donation of more than £70,000, believed to be the biggest crypto donation ever received by a UK charity.

Data acquired from the charity organization indicates that considerable donations have been made by HOPE TOKEN, MoonBoys Finance, and Dan Bainbridge. Bainbridge is a long-term supporter who pledged at least $10,000 to the charity.

The Head of Fundraising for CHUF, Charlotte Campbell, said:

“As a small charity, you have to be brave when it comes to fundraising, now more than ever. After a lot of research, we decided to partner with The Giving Block, a platform which allows us to accept cryptocurrency donations safely and easily.”

Campbell acknowledged that it has been a long journey since CHUF was launched to receiving donations of up to £70,000. The charity uses the received funds to bring smiles to the Heart Heroes throughout the United Kingdom.

Campbell added:

“As a sector we must be bolder and more curious when it comes to new technologies, if we want to continue to thrive then we have to adapt to new ways of fundraising.”

Since inception, the cryptocurrency world keeps moving so fast. That volatility appears to be unnerving to some charities, but it is exciting for others.

Crypto communities donate to charity

Over the years, the cryptocurrency community has been involved in funding various charity efforts around the world. CHUF has benefitted from the crypto community. Crypto investors have embraced the organization’s initiative of positively impacting the Heart Heroes’ lives in the UK.

In that context, cryptocurrency donations were channeled through The Giving Block platform popular in the United States. Today, CHUF is one of the two charities that use this platform in the UK.

These donations will enable CHUF to implement new ways of responding to the many changing needs of Heart Heroes and their families.

Cryptographic functions used in cryptocurrency transactions enable cryptos to be sent directly between two parties using public and private keys. All transfers are done with minimal transaction fees.


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