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Understanding Gains: Projected Earnings from Investing $100 in Bitgert

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Bitgert is one of the fastest-growing layer-1 blockchain ecosystems to have come up during the bear market. When redundant and weka projects were dying their slow deaths, Bitgert arrived as a platform fulfilling the promises of ultimate scalability, resilience, and speed. 

Earlier, built on the BSC blockchain, Bitgert rechristened itself and was reborn as the BRISE token on a Proof-of-Authority blockchain — Bitgert Layer-1. The blockchain offers a superior speed of up to 100K TPS at almost zero fees. Even the likes of Solana and Cardano have been unable to offer such speeds. 

The ecosystem has 600K plus members and a solid trajectory of 25 million transactions. Developers have a full suite of products to build their protocols and dApps over it. Besides, Bitgert’s native CEX offers traders zero trading fees. It has a P2P exchange, a payment gateway, and many NFT, DeFI, and other dApps. 

Is Bitgert a good investment 

Since its launch, Bitgert has given its investors an ROI of 40,000%. After flipping long-term resistance in December 2023, the Bitgert token has been looking up and charting new gains daily. 

A 76% gain in a month – Bitgert has outpaced the larger market regarding returns. Ts RSI points to the positive investor sentiment and the building market momentum that will pump its prices even higher. 

Already, the altcoin market is heating up, and once Bitcoin achieves another ATh, most of the altcoins will witness their share of price rallies.  

Bitgert’s burn mechanism is another of its USPs that you should look out for. Bitgert has a limited token supply of 1 quadrillion. In January 2024, the BItgert community implemented the burn mechanism upgrade, under which 12% of the tokens for every transaction get burned. 

BItgert has already burned 36% of the supply. The deflationary mechanism has already kicked in. The price action will become even more formidable against Bitgert’s limited supply and rising demand. 

What would be your returns if you invested $100 in BItgert? 

If you invested $100 in Bitgert today, what returns could you expect to earn? Experts predict the Bitgert price will reach $0.0001 in 2024, 5 times the current price. 

With a 5x price action assured, your $100 investment will jump by 5x. In terms of Bitgert’s price of $0.000000233, you would get 43,47,82,608 Bitgert coins. If Bitgert price increases to  $0.0001 price, the ROI on your investment would be 43,478%! 

Very few crypto tokens today offer such kind of return on investments. 


If you believe that the future belongs to LAyer-1 tokens, you cannot ignore the magnanimous potential Bitgert holds as a layer-1 blockchain steadily finding its footing in the DeFI scene. Being a mid-cap token, the returns will always be higher than you expect from large-cap tokens. So, are you placing your bets on Bitgert?

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