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Understanding the Recent Price Drops in Solana and Cardano as Bitgert Prepares for Potential Surge

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The market’s been on absolute bloodbath lately, with top-notch projects like Solana and Cardano catching belly shots to the jaw. Billions have been erased from investor portfolios as Solana and Cardano went into free fall. While they’re poised to rise again but for someone who has missed the early rally the current market presents an opportunity.

The Recent Price Drop in Solana & Cardano

Solana & Cardano is under immense selling pressure in the recent melt down in the crypto market. It fell by 6% and 16% respectively over just the last few days. Solana and Cardano are facing fierce competition from Bitgert in terms of chain speed and the cost of gas fees. A new blockchain called Bitgert rose higher even in the high tides, more than 65% in the last month. In fact, this altcoin is showing signs of potentially going bonkers while the former Solana and Cardano lick their wounds.

Why is Bitgert on the Rise?

Bitgert charges a gas fee of only $0.0000000000001 which makes Solana & Cardano irrelevant. This is a near-zero figure and the lowest the industry has ever seen. The Bitgert BRC20 blockchain also overtook Solana to be the fastest chain at 100k TPS. Being sustainable and environment friendly it even gives a head-to-head fight to Cardano.

Make no mistake, Bitgert ain’t no blue chip. This ultra-low market cap token still hasn’t broken out into mainstream media, trading for just $0.0000000453 per coin with a small $102 million market cap. But what it lacks in clout, it’s making up for in sheer momentum. Because while Solana and Cardano were caught up in devastating downswings, Bitgert quietly rallied 65% over the last month.

The Potential?

Think about what could transpire if this little-known project manages to follow the trajectories of heavyweights like Solana and Cardano, which hit mind-blowing peaks of $250 and $3.10 per token respectively before their recent fall. If even a modest amount of institutional and retail investor FOMO finds its way into Bitgert, we’re talking about a vertical surge like Solana and Cardano.

Of course, whether Bitgert can sustain its recent momentum and pull off a stunt like Solana or Cardano is still a question. But for the investors who live to swing for the fences, the crash in Solana and Cardano presents a potential once-in-a-lifetime entry point into the next market-maker. The choice is yours – recoil at volatility like the crowd, or position yourself for regret-free gains. DYOR as always, but opportunity doesn’t ring the doorbell often!


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