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VR Gaming Crypto 5thScape Raises Millions as Investors Pile Into Presale Phase

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Virtual reality gaming is merging with crypto in a big way – and investors are going all-in on a new project called 5thScape (5SCAPE) that combines those cutting-edge technologies.

The hype surrounding 5thScape’s presale has reached a fever pitch, with millions of dollars pouring in from eager buyers looking to get in on the ground floor.

5thScape ICO Frenzy Accelerates as Presale Tops $2.6m

The excitement around 5thScape’s plans to combine AAA VR gaming with blockchain utilities is translating to aggressive presale buying.

In just the first few rounds of its crowdfunding event, the project has already raised $2.6 million from early investors.

Those getting in during the current stage can snag 5SCAPE tokens at the discounted rate of just $0.00248 each.

This marks a 303% lower entry point than the intended $0.01 listing price 5thScape targets on exchanges post-presale.

However, this discount window won’t remain open for much longer.

The token’s price is set to increase by 15% to $0.00285 in four days as the presale progresses to its next stage.

Given the pressing timeline, speculators are scooping up 5SCAPE tokens while they can before the price jumps.

This buying frenzy hints that 5thScape has strong potential to debut with a splash once it lists on the open market.

And with $15 million set as the presale’s hard cap, there’s plenty of runway for the fundraising to grow even more before exchange listings later this year.

Sports Simulators & VR Hardware Shape 5thScape’s Vision

Beyond the speculative hype, 5thScape has an ambitious vision that extends beyond its presale event.

The developers aim to build a comprehensive metaverse-style ecosystem where all aspects of the virtual reality experience intersect.

On the gaming front, 5thScape promises a massive library of games, including Epic Cricket Arena, Thrust Hunter, and Cage Conquest.

However, 5thScape’s proprietary VR hardware offerings – a top-of-the-line headset and ergonomic motion gaming chair – will take the immersion factor to a new level.

Underpinning this whole virtual economy is 5thScape’s native token, which has a fixed supply of 5.21 billion.

As mentioned in the project’s whitepaper, 80% of that supply is allocated to buyers during the presale phase.

Interestingly, the 5SCAPE token won’t just facilitate transactions within games but will also grant holders attractive perks like lifetime free access to all experiences on the platform.

Rounding out 5thScape’s ecosystem is the launch of a decentralized creator marketplace.

This digital marketplace will enable developers and designers to monetize custom games, experiences, and accessories using 5SCAPE as a currency.

5thScape Ticks the Necessary Boxes with Audits & Experienced Leadership

5thScape is making all the right moves to establish credibility.

The project has now undergone a smart contract audit by the blockchain security specialists at Coinsult.

It has also obtained rigorous KYC verification through SolidProof – adding even more legitimacy.

These compliance milestones come as 5thScape is rapidly building a community of supporters.

Its Twitter account has grown to over 11,900 followers in the past few weeks, while its Telegram channel is seeing hundreds of new members join each day.

This early momentum highlights the buzz around 5thScape’s prospects.

Importantly, 5thScape also has respected leadership at the helm that could lend priceless expertise.

CEO Anoj Kumar has extensive experience in the VR space – which could prove invaluable over the long term.

The potential for long-term growth could be explosive, too.

Analysts project the VR gaming sector could soar to a $109 billion industry if current trends persist.

As an ambitious first mover, 5thScape looks perfectly positioned to ride this wave of growth and become a major player in 2024 and beyond.

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