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We Asked Google Bard How Shiba Inu Will Perform in 2024

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Over the past year, crypto investors and traders have been using artificial intelligence (AI) tools like Google Bard to inform their token analysis.

Bard and other AI models are able to provide objective insights into cryptocurrencies of all sizes, helping investors make better buying and selling decisions.

With that in mind, we decided to ask Bard for its expert opinion on how the popular meme coin Shiba Inu (SHIB) will perform in 2024 – and which under-the-radar tokens could be primed for breakout years.

Shibarium Growth Primes SHIB for Further Utility

Before diving into Google Bard’s price prediction for Shiba Inu, it’s important to discuss one of the key growth drivers for SHIB this year – the Shibarium network.

Shibarium, Shiba Inu’s layer-2 scaling solution, was launched in August last year and aims to significantly boost throughput and reduce fees by taking transactions off the slower Ethereum mainnet.

Lucie, marketing director for the Shiba Inu ecosystem, revealed plans to onboard over 1,000 projects to the network and form key partnerships to drive adoption.

Additionally, DeFi projects like MARSWAP, ChewySwap, and Woof Finance have already been built on the Shibarium network.

A recent article from TheCryptoBasic even highlighted that major exchanges like and GroveX have already added support for Shibarium.

With over 326 million transactions processed already, Shibarium is gaining strong momentum.

For Shiba Inu holders, Shibarium’s potential to unlock new utility for SHIB could be one of the key price drivers this year and beyond.  

Google Bard Forecasts Bullish Year for SHIB in 2024

With Shibarium primed to unlock more use cases for SHIB in 2024, we asked the AI model Google Bard for its expert price prediction.

Bard highlighted several bullish factors that could boost SHIB over the next 12 months.

Firstly, if Shibarium adoption continues rising, reduced fees may incentivize usage and lift demand for SHIB.

Secondly, expanding real-world use cases beyond speculation, like payments or DeFi integration, would improve Shiba Inu’s value proposition.

Lastly, a renewed crypto bull market could indirectly benefit SHIB via positive investor sentiment.

Considering these factors, Bard set a wide price range for SHIB.

On the low end, moderate Shibarium growth and a neutral market could see SHIB trade between $0.00002 and $0.0005 this year.

More optimistically, surging Shibarium adoption and significant new use cases could push SHIB as high as $0.0005.

Overall, Google Bard is clearly optimistic about Shiba Inu’s future – which will be music to the ears of long-term holders.

Which Other Meme Coins is Google Bard Bullish On?

While Shiba Inu has strong growth potential, Bard highlighted an even more intriguing low-cap coin – Meme Kombat (MK).

This brand-new project caught Bard’s attention due to its unique combination of DeFi incentives and crypto gaming.

Bard Bullish On Meme Kombat’s Gaming & DeFi Combination, Predicts 18x Returns

Meme Kombat’s flagship feature is its Ethereum-based battle arena.

Users can watch battles between hilarious meme characters and bet on fight outcomes using MK tokens.

Through this setup, users can potentially win lucrative prizes – with scope to stake MK tokens simultaneously and generate yields of over 110% per year.

Meme Kombat is currently in its presale phase and has raised almost $8 million in funding.

The presale is now in its final stage, with investors having a narrow window to buy MK tokens for $0.279 before they are listed on Uniswap.

Armed with this information, Google Bard gave a highly bullish forecast of MK’s future.

Bard highlighted the impressive presale fundraising and novel gameplay as two reasons to be optimistic about Meme Kombat’s disruptive potential.

Moreover, Bard believes the upcoming listing on Uniswap will significantly improve accessibility and liquidity, creating the ideal conditions for a price surge.

Considering possible 2024 scenarios, Bard set a price target range of $0.75 to $1.50 for a moderate success case.

However, if Meme Kombat goes viral as a hit game, Bard thinks MK could reach as high as $5 – an almost 18x increase from the current presale price.

Although Bard’s forecast is entirely hypothetical, it highlights the excitement surrounding Meme Kombat in the crypto gaming sector.

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