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Whales Betting on 100x Rally as DTX Exchange Presale Crosses $620,000 Surpassing PEPE & SHIBA Inu Price Movements

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DTX Exchange, the new player in platform exchanges, has been betting a huge 100X rally after the presale crossed $620,000 in just the second stage. The DTX rally has already surpassed the price movement of PEPE and SHIBA Inu price. However, PEPE has shown a good rally of more than 80% but could not surpass DTX’s exponential price rally. SHIBA Inu’s price has continuously shown bearish movement while the whole crypto market progresses.

PEPE Showing Very Bullish Price Action

PEPE is one of the coins that has recently shown great price action. After the breakout of the $0.000011 price, the price has shown great strength, moving more than 80%. The price is retracing to its key moving average levels after the rally. Interestingly, this pullback is on very low volume, which shows the weakness of the bears. 

The major support for the price in case of further correction is the breakout level of $0.000011, which acted as a resistance for a long time and now can act as a support level for the coin. However, those with fundamentally strong coins choose the DTX over PEPE, as DTX has more potential for further gains.

SHIBA Inu Again Below its 50-Day Moving Average

After a 20% move last week, Shiba Inu price has again fallen below its 50-day moving average, which is a sign of short-term bearishness if it stays below the MA. Price is facing major resistance at the 0.000028 level, a breakout of which can lead to a higher level. Still, it isn’t happening in the short term. Also, today’s price broke down the ascending trendline it was following for the last two months. 

All these bearish signs have caused SHIBA holders to move to other coins that hold the potential to make it big. DTX Exchange offers investors a chance to explore beyond traditional financial options. They can now access a wider variety of assets that were hard to invest in, including private equity and fractional real estate ownership. This platform could change the securities market by making it more open, efficient, and transparent.

DTX Exchange Stage 2 Presale Crosse $620,000 in Investment

In the dynamic world of crypto trading, DTX Exchange has recently made headlines by surpassing the $620,000 mark in its Stage 2 presale. Known for its innovative trading features and lack of KYC requirements, DTX Exchange is rapidly gaining popularity among traders seeking high-leverage, decentralized options.

Crypto exchanges are crucial in making digital assets more accessible and liquid. DTX Exchange stands out by offering trading on various assets and groundbreaking features such as 1000X leverage and non-custodial wallets.

These features significantly enhance the trading experience by allowing traders to gain more exposure with less capital and maintain complete control over their funds, greatly reducing the risk of exchange hacks. Additionally, DTX’s distributed liquidity pools help to minimize slippage, making it an excellent platform for trading high-volatility assets like PEPE and SHIBA Inu.

DTX Highly Undervalued at the Current Price

DTX’s ongoing Stage 2 presale has been a success, raising over $620,000. This demonstrates the growing confidence within the crypto community. The selling price of the token is currently $0.04, with plans to increase to $0.1 in the future, showing potential for significant returns on investment.

The interest from the PEPE and SHIBA Inu communities in DTX Exchange’s innovative platform indicates a shift towards exchanges offering high leverage, enhanced security, and operational freedom from regulatory impositions like KYC. With these trends, DTX is well-positioned to become a leading force in the crypto trading space.

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