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Whales Move Over 68 Million Ripple (XRP) As Price Jumps 8%; Pullix (PLX) Up Over 100% in a Month

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Ripple (XRP) has seen an upward trajectory recently, as its price jumped 8%. The on-chart data suggests that an even further upswing is possible soon based on its most recent price performance. However, Pullix (PLX) has also been a major point of appeal, especially as it’s up over 100% within a single month. Today, we will go over the on-chart performance of both cryptocurrencies to determine how far they can rise and determine which is the top crypto to invest in.

Ripple (XRP) Is Projected to Soar to $27 As Whales Move Millions

Ripple (XRP) has increased by 8% as whales moved over 68 million of the cryptocurrency. This showcases a strong bullish sentiment in the financial ecosystem. According to data from blockchain tracker Whale Alert,  numerous transactions occurred on the network in massive amounts. 

Major crypto analyst EGRAG CRYPTO on X (Twitter), recently shared an update for the XRP Giant Cup. This led to some optimistic forecasts. According to the analyst, the Ripple price will ascend to $1.2, followed by a climb to $1.6. Then, the RIpple crypto will eventually reach between $7.5 and #13. The most drastic Ripple price prediction by the analyst puts it at $27. This trajectory would mark a significant breakthrough for the XRP crypto. 

Pullix (PLX) Climbs 100% in a Month – Price to Jump 100x at Launch

Pullix (PLX) is an upcoming DeFi project that can completely shift how users engage with the trading space. Traditionally, the industry was plagued with issues such as lack of liquidity and transparency. Not only will Pullix solve this, but it will also feature the best elements found in CEXs and DEXs to provide an all-in-one experience that anyone can enjoy.

By using this exchange, users can access the best features found in both of these exchange types. Pullix Swap will also play a major role in its ecosystem. It will feature a fee of 0.25%, and this can occur with every exchange that occurs on the platform. 

The amount gained will be added to the Pullix Pool, and this can result in LP tokens. Once they’re sold, PLX will be distributed among PullixLP holders. Moreover, its transactions will get executed through the usage of an off-chain order book that can contribute towards much quicker processing speeds. Pullix will support CFDs and perpetual futures as well.

So far, the data shows that the crypto grew 100% in the past month. Over 10 million tokens were sold, and the presale is raising close to $4 million. Around 11,000 users registered for its presale, as at Stage 6, PLX trades at just $0.08. At launch, analysts anticipate a 100x jump in value. These aspects make it the top crypto to invest in.


Ripple has seen massive whale attention, and it’s clear that analysts are projecting significant gains for the crypto in the upcoming months. Yet, Pullix has gained the most attention with its presale momentum and could soon leap to new heights with its growth. 

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