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What to Expect from Bitcoin in the Near Future; High-Profile Investors Dump Monero for this New AI Altcoin

What to Expect from Bitcoin in the Near Future; High-Profile Investors Dump Monero for this New AI Altcoin
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Bitcoin is gearing up for a ride towards its all-time high after the recent SEC decision on Bitcoin ETF, and the excitement is palpable. Meanwhile, there’s a new player in town that’s capturing the attention of high-profile investors, causing them to ditch Monero – the emerging crypto InQubeta (QUBE).

Join us as we break down what the future holds for Bitcoin and why AI altcoin InQubeta is stealing the spotlight in 2024.

What Should People Expect from Bitcoin in the Near Future?

Bitcoin’s Halving Event and Bullish Anticipation

Bitcoin (BTC), the perennial leader among the top crypto coins, is on the verge of exciting times. The upcoming halving event, expected in mid-April, historically triggers bull rallies and substantial price increases. As the block rewards to miners decrease, the scarcity of new Bitcoin on the market tends to drive prices up, especially when demand remains steady or increases.

Investors are becoming captivated by the anticipation of a reduction in supply driving prices higher. Bryan Legend, CEO of Hectic Labs, notes, “The rally leading up to the actual halving event is a great time to realize short-term gains.” With institutional demand and the success of spot Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs), there’s a strong belief that Bitcoin could surpass its lifetime high of $69,000 in March.

Institutional Demand and ETF Success

The institutional demand for this top ten cryptocurrency is gaining momentum, and the success of Bitcoin ETFs is contributing to the bullish sentiment. As of now, nine Bitcoin ETFs in the U.S. have reached a cumulative trading volume of $3.2 billion. The performance of BlackRock’s IBIT, recently recording over $1.3 billion in daily trading volume, indicates a robust bullish sentiment among institutions.

With 49 days left before the halving and the anticipation of the Fed’s interest rate cut later in the year, Bitcoin is finding support around $60,000. Analysts like Ryan Lee, Bitget Research’s chief analyst, believe that this support, coupled with the strong institutional sentiment, could lead to historical highs in March.

High-Profile Investors Dump Monero for New AI Altcoin InQubeta

InQubeta is Reshaping Crypto AI Funding

Enter InQubeta (QUBE), a game-changer in the AI space. This revolutionary crowdfunding platform is making waves by reshaping how AI startups secure funding. What sets InQubeta apart is its ability to enable fractional investments in AI startups using the QUBE token. Built on the Ethereum blockchain, QUBE incorporates NFTs into investment opportunities, adding a unique aspect to its platform and making it the best new crypto to invest in. This fractional investment approach enables investors to purchase a stake in an AI startup without having to pay a large amount. 

Presale Momentum and Impressive Milestones

InQubeta is not just making promises; it’s delivering tangible results. The ongoing presale has surpassed the $10.7 million mark, with over 848 million tokens in the hands of early investors. The platform is currently in Stage 8 of its ten-stage journey, with QUBE ERC20 coins valued at $0.0245.

Deflationary Features and Tokenomics

The deflationary nature of the QUBE token enhances its potential for exponential growth. This feature, coupled with a 2% buy/sell tax sent to a burn wallet and a 5% tax contributing to a dedicated reward pool, provides an attractive proposition for crypto investors seeking portfolio diversification.


The crypto landscape is evolving, and the stars of the show are aligning. Bitcoin (BTC) is gearing up for a monumental run, and InQubeta (QUBE) is emerging as the best cryptocurrency to buy today, captivating high-profile investors and traders who are parting ways with Monero.

Don’t miss out on the action – visit InQubeta’s official website now and join the vibrant community on Twitter. The future of crypto is unfolding, and InQubeta is at the forefront.

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