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What’s in Store for Zenit World’s Version 2.0? Features, Apps & More


Zenit World, established as a premier platform offering cryptocurrency trading services, has unveiled its highly anticipated updates for 2024. Version 2.0 promises many new services, enhanced functionality, and a renewed focus on trading offerings, solidifying Zenit World’s position as a leading force in the cryptocurrency trading landscape. 

Highlights: Offering of a crypto card, a mobile app, OTC trading infrastructure, an attractive referral program, and other trading services that turn heads and carry much promise.

Here are the details of some of the awaited and most exciting features of Zenit World. 

Spot, Margin, Multi-Asset Trading, Now on Zenit World

  • Seamless Spot Trading: Execute instant trades on your favorite cryptocurrencies with the familiar and intuitive interface of MT5. Hence, react to market movements in real-time and capitalize on fleeting opportunities.
  • Margin Trading: Amplify your buying power and unlock new potential by utilizing MT5’s margin trading capabilities.
  • Trade crypto, stocks, commodities, & indices on one platform: Streamline your asset portfolios and explore diverse markets without juggling multiple accounts. Simplify management, gain broader exposure, and navigate market shifts with flexibility.
  • Tailored OTC Services: With tailored services, the crypto trading platform is set to cater to diverse institutions with bespoke solutions for buying and trading major cryptos like BTC, ETH, and USDT. Its automated infrastructure streamlines large-scale orders, while flexible APIs allow for customized trading desks.
  • Advanced Execution & Insights: Execute trades with their Time Weighted Average Price (TWAP) strategy for narrow spreads and gain valuable market insights through comprehensive research reports.
  • New Derivatives Instruments: Zenit World 2.0 will introduce a broader selection of derivative instruments, including options and futures contracts, catering to advanced trading strategies.

Streamlined User Interface and Mobile App

  • Intuitive Design: Version 2.0 boasts a revamped user interface designed for enhanced ease of use and intuitive navigation, making the platform accessible for both novice and experienced traders.
  • Mobile App: On-the-go trading receives a significant boost with a completely overhauled mobile app. Experience Zenit World from your mobile device. Access real-time market data, trading functionalities, and portfolio management tools.

Community and Educational Resources

  • Zenit World Academy: Zenit World Academy is dedicated to fostering a community of informed traders. Version 2.0 will also introduce an educational platform. One includes tutorials, guides, and expert analysis. All of this educational material is set to empower users to hone their trading skills and knowledge.
  • Social Trading Features: Connect and learn from other successful traders through social trading features, allowing you to copy their trades and gain valuable insights into their strategies.
  • Spread the Success: Introduce friends and family to the platform and enjoy a commission on their trading activities. Share your unique referral link or code, and watch your rewards accrue as your network expands. Their Referral Program has three distinct tiers or levels. Each offers its own set of reward opportunities or commissions. 

Zenit World 2.0 represents a significant evolution, catering to the diverse needs of both individual and institutional traders. The high-tech crypto platform can redefine the crypto trading experience, especially with its expanded features and intuitive interface.

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