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What’s Next for Bitgert Coin After its Remarkable 90% Price Surge? Experts Weigh In!

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We are moving deeper into another bull run after 3 years, but this time, it is different. Earlier, shutdowns like Luna, FTX, Celsius, etc., took down the bull market before it could show any impact. This time, the bull market is led by institutional interest and record inflows. And altcoins have just started showing impact. 

Take, for instance, the hugely popular layer-1 blockchain Bitgert. Bitgert’s token registered windfall gains in February, and the trend continues with minor corrections. Bitgert’s price jumped by 90% in the last few months. Remarkable achievement for a blockchain facing competition from the likes of Solana, Ethereum, Chainlink, Cardano, etc. 

But what’s next for the Bitgert coin. Let’s take a look. 

What Do Bitgert Token (BRISE) Price Dynamics Say?

If you zoom in on the Bitgert price chart, its price action looks bound by a descending trendline Bitgert has been following since its ATH in 2022. Bitgert broke out and flipped the resistance line into support in November and has been successfully testing it ever since. Despite the 24-hour correction, Bitgert’s 7-day gains stand at 48% and monthly gains at 62%. 

With the burn mechanism active since January, Bitgert’s price action has been positive, and investor sentiment is bullish. Its MACD and moving averages show a strong buy signal. The neutral RSi at 53 points to the developing buying pressure which will push its price in the coming days exponentially. 

Techopedia predicts Bitgert will reach a maximum price of $0.00000146 in 2024. That’s a 2000% gain in a year! 2025 will likely see a new ATH form for Bitgert. 

The above price predictions aren’t just claims. The Bitgert token has a deflationary price mechanism. Billions of tokens have been burned so far, and with a limited supply of 1 quadrillion tokens, demand will always outpace supply, pushing the Bitgert token, BRISE. 

Why Bitgert’s fundamentals make it a stronger candidate for a bull run 

Bitgert is a layer-1 blockchain based on a Proof-of-Authority (PoA) consensus mechanism. It is the fastest blockchain in the layer 1 space, with a transaction speed of 100K TPS at negligible fees. Even Solana, Tron, etc., can’t match the scale. 

The Bitgert ecosystem is coming up with many new developments nad partnerships, including an app for their zero-trading fee CEX. They have their own P2p exchange, payment gateway, and multiple other protocols. 


Bitgert also boasts a powerful suite of products for developers to build protocols on the blockchain. It has multiple partnerships and sponsorships to support its vast array of ventures. The blockchain has processed 25 million transactions. 

With its growing community of 600K plus members, there’s no stopping the Bitgert token for attsinnig a multibagger rally in the coming months.

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