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Why Are Solana Network Transactions Failing? Chainlink Rival Gains Traction

Why Are Solana Network Transactions Failing? Chainlink Rival Gains Traction
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Solana (SOL) recently faced a major problem with unusually high transaction failures. In the past few days, over 75% of transactions on Solana didn’t go through. This is a severe issue for a network that’s quickly become important in the DeFi world and deals with vast amounts of trading. The sudden increase in failed transactions has raised worries about whether the blockchain can handle more users and activity.

Meanwhile, as Solana network transaction failure brews, investors are looking to InQubeta (QUBE) for massive milestones this quarter. InQubeta is gaining considerable traction in the market. As a solid rival to Chainlink, top traders flock to this project because of its unique integration of artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain technology. This blockchain ICO dominates the crypto AI market due to its advanced tokenomics and capabilities.

This article explores InQubeta, a solid rival to Chainlink, and why Solana network transactions are failing.

InQubeta (QUBE): Boosting Gains With Its Fractional Investment In AI Startups 

InQubeta, a new crypto project, is garnering traction in the market as the first-ever crypto crowdfunding platform facilitating fractional investment in AI startups by utilizing QUBE tokens. Operating on the Ethereum blockchain, QUBE stands out as a deflationary ERC20 token appealing to investors seeking top crypto to buy for a portfolio boost. The platform sets out to transform the fundraising landscape for AI startups and enhance their interaction with the community.

QUBE, one of the best altcoins in the market with a deflationary token structure, presents a distinctive investment avenue for crypto enthusiasts seeking portfolio diversification. This blockchain ICO features a 2% buy and sell tax directed toward a burning wallet and a 5% tax allocated to a dedicated reward pool. With this approach, QUBE holders can earn rewards through token staking, positioning InQubeta as an appealing investment for AI startup growth proponents.

With its integration of NFT into its ecosystem, InQubeta is gaining traction as the top crypto to buy as it mints each investment opportunity into an NFT and fractionalizes it. This strategy enables investors to participate according to their financial capabilities while reaping the benefits of early support. InQubeta’s NFT marketplace further adds to the platform appeal by allowing AI startups to raise capital by offering reward and equity-based NFTs. Simultaneously, holders of QUBE tokens can seamlessly invest in projects they believe in, establishing a symbiotic ecosystem that caters to both parties’ interests.

Solana (SOL): Transaction Failure Caused By Bot Spam

Amidst a surge in activity fueled by the recent meme coin frenzy on Solana, approximately three-quarters of transactions on the network have been unsuccessful. According to Dune Analytics data, on April 4, just over 75% of all transactions categorized as “non-vote” on the SOL network did not succeed, setting a new record for the highest failure rate.

The increase in failed transactions has led to widespread discontent among Solana users on social media, who have voiced grievances about transaction failures and a decline in user experience. On April 4, Mert Mumtaz, CEO of Helius and a prominent supporter of SOL noted that 75% of transactions failed, highlighting that most failed non-vote transactions were merely due to “bot spam.”

The ascent of Chainlink is closely linked to ongoing collaborations between this oracle network and various blockchain initiatives. One significant recent collaboration involves Origin Protocol, which incorporated LINK’s CCEP to facilitate cross-chain transfers on its liquid staking platform. 

This project, focused on infrastructure, gains momentum from the increasing adoption of its Oracle solutions, enabling the integration of off-chain data onto the blockchain. With more projects emerging that aim to merge traditional finance with DeFi, Chainlink stands to gain further. 


InQubeta, an artificial inte­lligence platform, has captured inve­stors’ attention due to its rapid progress and goal of de­mocratizing AI investments. Individuals see­king the best altcoins find InQubeta’s AI crypto intriguing because of its solid foundation and pote­ntial for growth. Despite rece­nt network challenges face­d by Solana, InQubeta continues to expand, fue­led by its commitment to community building. As its official launch nears, e­arly investors anticipate substantial growth opportunities, making it the best time­ to acquire the QUBE toke­n, the platform’s native cryptocurrency.

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