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Why Investors Are Buying Both Bitcoin and Green Bitcoin Ahead of the Next Bull Run

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Investors are buying both Bitcoin and Green Bitcoin this season. 

Bitcoin makes perfect sense as a high-cap investment, given the enthusiasm surrounding the spot ETF approvals and the upcoming Bitcoin halving event. The social sentiments around both are expected to fuel a series of bull runs in early 2024. 

Green Bitcoin, on the other hand, tops the low-cap category. It is a predict-to-earn platform based on gamified green staking. Although the token has yet to go live, it has quickly become a favorite among early investors. 

How Green Bitcoin Takes Advantage of Bitcoin

Although the integration of the Bitcoin theme into gamified staking may seem like a reflection of its direct link to Bitcoin’s price movements, that is not the only reason. It is also a strategy to use Bitcoin’s highly volatile brand value. 

The media hype around Bitcoin Spot ETF approvals and the bitcoin halving event scheduled for 2024 indirectly benefits Green Bitcoin’s price action. By opting for the Bitcoin tag, Green Bitcoin obviously gains wider market attention. 

In addition, it allows the project to tap into dynamic market currents as a tool for potential price appreciation.

For Both Novices and Seasoned Experts

Green Bitcoin’s gamified staking system is designed for both novices and seasoned experts. With its modest entry requirements, it offers an inclusive space for diverse participants. 

Participating in gamified green staking is simple.

First, buy $GBTC tokens. They are available for purchase at heavily discounted prices in the ongoing presale. The presale is divided into multiple stages, with a gradual price increase. 

So make sure you buy in early to not miss out on the discounts. 

The second step is to stake your $GBTC tokens in the predict-to-earn dashboard. Doing that, you will earn eligibility to participate in the prediction challenge. In the initial stage, staking allows you to predict the price of BTC for the next day. But as the predict-to-earn dashboard develops and evolves, you will be able to predict the outcomes of more events. 

Daily and weekly price prediction challenges will be hosted on the platform. 

If you’re an experienced staker, the challenges will provide an opportunity to put your trading expertise and market insights into a new source of income. But it comes with much lower risk exposure than trading. 

Although the steps to stake and predict are simple, the real challenge lies in making accurate predictions. Success and the reward potential hinge on your market knowledge and research. If you have a knack for gauging market trends and anticipating event outcomes, you will be able to refine your predictions and rewards.

The closer your prediction is to the actual price outcome, the greater your chances of winning rewards.

The Competitive Edge of Predict-to-Earn 

With the Predict-to-Earn challenges, Green Bitcoin aims to reward a unique combination of intuition, market expertise, and adept analysis. The reward system has competitive advantages against gaming, gambling, and trading. Let’s take a look at them. 

To begin with, predict-to-earn caters to a large demographic. In stark contrast to gaming, the mechanics are not appealing to specific age groups. The sustainability of the predict-to-earn system doesn’t rely on user manipulation, a common feature in games of chance. 

In addition to that, predict-to-earn doesn’t involve the technical intricacies and high risks typically associated with trading. It provides exposure to broader market volatility without the burden of heavy risk. 

Since the outcomes of real-world events remain immune to manipulation, users who make close-to-accurate predictions are fairly rewarded. The system benefits from inherent transparency. 

Green Bitcoin’s gamified staking structure, as a result of the above features, positions it well for potential mainstream adoption.

Strong Commitment to Environmental Causes

The ‘green’ in the project’s name underscores its strong commitment to environmental causes. Ethereum blockchain allows Green Bitcoin to provide an energy-efficient experience for its users and investors. As the project collaborates with environmentally conscious tech firms further along the roadmap, the dedication will be solidified. 

Large-Scale and Long-Term Staking Rewarded 

Green Bitcoin encourages quantity-based staking by offering higher potential earnings for those staking larger amounts. In addition to that, it rewards long-term staking with increased returns. Together, these strategies foster price stability and ensure sustained growth over an extended period.

Participating in the ongoing Green Bitcoin presale is the best way to acquire $GBTC at low entry points. Once launched, the token price will benefit from both organic demand within the predict-to-earn ecosystem and the speculative interest triggered by its association with Bitcoin.

The presale supports purchases made using cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies via bank cards. Early investors get higher APYs on staking, allowing them to grow their investment right from the presale phase. 

The purchased tokens will become available for claiming after the presale ends. The presale is divided into multiple stages where early investors get higher discounts. 



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