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WienerAI Turns Heads After Raising $225K In First Week of Presale – Can This Hot Dog Ai Coin Provide 10x Returns?

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A newly launched meme coin is turning heads after raising $225K in its first week of fundraising, demonstrating the extraordinary appeal behind its unique narrative.

WienerAI ($WAI) is part god, part AI, and part sausage, designed to become the most potent cybernetic being in the universe.

Sitting on the edge of AI, WienerAI brings together two of the industry’s hottest trends for a long-term outlook and incredible staking rewards.

WienerAI Raises $100 In First Hours and $225K In First Few Days.

WienerAI started catching eyeballs in its first hour of going live, raising a staggering $100k in just minutes:

The project has continued to grow after coming out of the gates charging, pushing its fundraising efforts beyond $225K in its first few days.

With a unique theme behind the meme coin, WienerAi is slated to become the next meme coin sensation through its unique theme, brilliant tokenomics, and long-term roadmap.

What On Earth Is WienerAI?

WienerAI is the first wiener/dog/AI-related meme coin, combining the worlds of AI, canine loyalty, and sausages.

The project intends to create a new world of AI understanding where the emerging technology is synonymous with companionship. It’s on a mission to push a narrative in which AI technology isn’t seen as a tool but as a friend.

The AI-powered sausage dog is infinitely upgradeable, with its memory capable of increasing and its knowledge iterated.

WienerAI was born from an accidental eating mishap. Created by The Architect, a mad scientist in the year 2132, WienerAI was an accident in his lab. The Architect was working on his AI masterpiece, which was slated to be a cybernetic canine AI. However, while splicing the synthetic DNA, some of his sausages ended up in the sample, creating WienerAI.

The meme wants to become the dog on all charts, gathering the Sausage Army through a lucrative staking incentive.

A total of 82% of the $WAI bought in the presale has already been staked, providing an exceptional 3,800% APR. Of course, this return will fall as more stakers enter the pool, but it will still be sufficiently higher than most PoS staking systems during the presale.

WienerAI has also been audited by Coinsult, providing trust and security for everybody participating in its unique presale event.

Potential to Dethrone Hot Meme Coins?

The impressive market entrance for $WAI has investors believing that the sausage-related meme coin has the potential to dethrone some of the hottest meme coins in the sector.

With the market filled with dog-related memes, WienerAI brings a unique twist to the copycat sector with an enjoyable narrative and lucrative staking incentives to remain long-term supporters.

The project intends to develop its Sausage Army of supporters to push the meme coin across crypto Twitter. It also plans to enact Key Opinion Leader blasts during its presale to ensure the right people in the industry are exposed to this new sausage-AI hybrid.

Presale Opportunity: Get Positioned At Lowest Possible Prices.

The presale for WinerAI provides the perfect opportunity to get positioned in this hot dog AI project at what could be the lowest possible prices.

The team has carefully crafted its tokenomic structure to ensure longevity in the crowded meme coin space.

$WAI will come with a 69 billion total supply. The supply will be broken down into the following allocations;

  • 30% will be sold in the presale, allowing the community to become early adopters.
  • 20% will be allocated to staking rewards, providing long-term rewards for stakers.
  • 20% will be distributed as community rewards for the loyal Sausage Army.
  • To ensure a smooth trading environment, 10% is allocated for DEX/CEX listings.
  • 20% is allocated to marketing to ensure $WAI remains competitive.

The WienerAI token is currently being sold in the presale for $0.000303. However, it’s important to note that it uses a rising pricing strategy. As a result, those who get positioned as soon as possible benefit the most, as they can enter at lower prices.

Users looking to position themselves in this meme coin can purchase the token on the project’s website using $ETH, $USDT, or $BNB.

Overall, WienerAi is bringing a new twist to the meme coin sector and is setting the foundation for long-term success through its Sausage Army and staking rewards.

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