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Will $ETH to Pump to $3K on Next Tech Upgrade? $GFOX Targets Top 3 Memecoin Spot

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Markets took a tumble, and everybody got spooked – especially beginners. The bear market psyche is still deeply ingrained, and people have already forgotten that in a bull market, dips are for buying. This could be the last opportunity investors get for a decent entry in 2024 before rate cuts happen, and everything starts moving vertically. 

Innovation has not slowed down, and Powell will have to cut rates sooner or later, forcing billions into risk assets. A handful of assets will significantly outperform the market, and today, it is time to dive into two of the top cryptos to buy right now: $ETH and $GFOX. Ethereum ($ETH) could pump to $3,000 on its next tech upgrade, and Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) is targeting the top 3 memecoin spot. 

Ethereum ($ETH) Dencun Upgrade

Ethereum has shipped the Dencun upgrade to Goerli, the first testnet, and if it functions successfully on the other two testnets it will be deployed on mainnet. It will feature an upgrade to the consensus and execution layers, and Ethereum is entering its scalability era. The upgrade has many moving parts and highly technical components, but the real catalyst for price appreciation will be EIP-4884, sometimes called Proto-Danksharding.

This long-awaited Ethereum Improvement Proposal introduces a new type of transaction – the blob. Layer-2s will use these blob transactions to carry more data at a lower cost. Designed specifically for rollups this new transaction type will make gas fees on rollups orders of magnitude cheaper.

Cheaper gas fees for end users mean more economic activity and more rollups being deployed using $ETH as their base currency. More rollups built on top of Ethereum is bullish for two reasons. First, it means more environments where $ETH is being used as money, equating to more buy pressure. Second, rollups themselves purchase Ethereum blockspace, and more rollups mean more demand. $ETH is a top crypto to buy now, ready to shriek toward $3,000 with the Dencun upgrade.

Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) Targets Top 3

Galaxy Fox is another crypto listed among the top cryptos to buy right now, and this presale memecoin/P2E gem is ready to make a rally that will shatter all expectations. This ecosystem builds on the classic P2E mechanic of financial incentives for skilled players and introduces an entire earning world around its Web3 runner game.

Players ending the season in the top 20% earn prizes, and NFT holders gain in-game stat bonuses, allowing them to augment their chances of victory. These NFTs can be swapped at Galaxy Fox’s NFT marketplace, and some of these NFTs may even feature on the protocol’s line of real-world merchandise.

Instead of rewarding only the top-ranked players, Galaxy Fox has introduced two key mechanics- and this is where the memecoin component enters the fray. A token burn and staking rewards. The burn campaign ensures that $GFOX’s total supply will constantly decrease. The presale uses a fair launch mechanism, and with no inflationary printing, this supply will be down only from day one.

Staking rewards lets anybody holding $GFOX earn. This straightforward passive income source makes $GFOX an ideal crypto for beginners, and with its memecoin explosiveness, staking has never looked so lucrative. This up-and-comer closes in on $3 million raised in funding, and its early trajectory signals a massive blowoff top is loading later this year.

Closing Thoughts: $ETH & $GFOX Ready To Outperform 

$ETH and $GFOX are easily the top cryptos to buy right now, and post-Dencun $ETH can easily target $3,000. However, regarding ROI potential, $ETH cannot even be fairly compared to Galaxy Fox.

This presale has a market cap of less than $3 million and will launch in the heart of the bull market in 2024. P2E and memecoins had multi-billion dollar valuations in the last cycle, and Galaxy Fox is heading straight to the top 3. Anybody that can do math is participating in the presale today. 

Learn more about $GFOX here:

Visit Galaxy Fox Presale | Join the Community


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