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Will Solana Dip Below $93? Factors Driving Rumors; Monero & Chainlink Rival Expect Upward Trends

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Cryptocurrency markets are always buzzing with speculation, especially after the SEC decision on Bitcoin ETF and the recent Solana (SOL) movements, which have sparked intriguing conversations. However, amidst the uncertainty surrounding SOL’s trajectory, another player in the best crypto investment space is capturing attention for its innovative approach and optimistic outlook. InQubeta (QUBE), a rising star in blockchain and AI, is challenging the status quo and setting itself up for an upward trajectory.

Let’s explore the factors driving rumors about Solana’s potential dip below $93 while exploring the promising outlook for InQubeta.

Will Solana Dip Below $93? Factors Driving Rumors

Beginner cryptocurrency traders know it’s a wild ride, and the recent action with Solana (SOL) is stirring speculations. On February 5th, Whale Alert blew up everyone’s feeds with news of a huge transaction involving SOL tokens. More than 119,000 SOL, valued at a hefty $11.43 million, was transferred to an unknown wallet from Coinbase. A big move like this tends to set off alarm bells, sparking worries about possible sell-offs and how they might shake up the asset’s price.

SOL hovering in the $90 territory is quite a shift from its performance back in early 2023. Back then, it kicked off the year at $9.96 and shot up to $23.50 by February 5th, representing almost 2.5x gains or a growth of 250%. But fast forward to more recent times, and the one-month gain is significantly lower at just over 4%. This has made many analysts wonder if SOL might dip below the $93 mark.

What’s more, Long/Short ratio analysis is adding fuel to the fire. This ratio, which basically shows how many traders are betting on the price going up versus down, is showing a tilt toward the bearish side. It seems like traders are bracing for a possible downward ride for SOL, adding to the overall uncertainty surrounding one of the top crypto coins.

While Solana’s future path might be a bit murky, there’s a player in the beginner cryptocurrency arena that’s grabbing attention with its fresh approach and promising outlook. InQubeta (QUBE), the rising star of blockchain and AI, is shaking things up with its innovative investment model and ambitious goals.

InQubeta’s ongoing presale has already smashed through the $9.4 million mark in funding, showing serious investor interest in its vision. Unlike traditional investment platforms that cater only to the elite, InQubeta opens up the game to everyone through fractional investment, all thanks to its cool QUBE tokens. This move bridges the gap and sets the stage for a win-win situation for both investors and startups.

At the core of InQubeta’s strategy is its savvy use of QUBE ERC20 coins, turning equity or rewards into NFTs and giving investors skin in the game and a direct stake in the success of AI startups. With its deflationary setup and sweet reward system, QUBE tokens are a tempting pick for investors looking to spice up their portfolios while backing technological progress. InQubeta takes security seriously, too, boasting solid audits and verifications that beef up trust in its platform.

With bold moves like launching an NFT marketplace, rolling out the InQubeta swap, setting up a DAO, and expanding across different blockchain networks, InQubeta is revving up for an epic journey in 2024 and beyond. This formidable rival to more established coins like Monero and Chainlink is expected to surge once it launches.


Solana is facing uncertainty, with many wondering if a dip below $93 is imminent. Meanwhile, forward-thinking top DeFi project InQubeta shines bright with its game-changing approach to investment and dedication to pushing tech boundaries.

Whether you’re a seasoned investor or a fresh face eager to dive into new frontiers, InQubeta is your ticket to riding the wave of tech’s future. Visit their website to take a closer look at the project, and follow them on Twitter for all the updates and insights. 

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