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Will We See Ethereum $4K in 2024? $GFOX Smashes $2.8M

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Bitcoin ($BTC) Spot ETFs attracted more trading volume than all other ETFs launched this year. The TradFi appetite is there. And next in line for its own Spot ETF is Ethereum ($ETH). Traders rotated immediately following the approval, and despite it being counter-intuitive, $ETH has strongly outperformed $BTC since.

When investors understand that markets are forward-looking, $ETH outperforming $BTC starts to make sense, and the path forward becomes visible. If $BTC has already had its moment, and Ethereum is stepping into the limelight now, the natural conclusion is that in the coming weeks/ months it will be altcoins’ turn in the sun. What crypto to buy today before altcoin season begins? $ETH and Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) cover all bases. Will we see Ethereum at $4k in 2024? Galaxy Fox smashes $2.8 million in its presale. A precursor to altcoin season?

Ethereum Targeting $4,000 In 2024?

Ethereum is already up more than 17% this month, and the anticipation of an ETF is driving more and more hot money into this trade. BlackRock’s stellar ETF approval record and the already approved $BTC ETF make this an easy trade. Remember $BTC’s ETF-driven rally from $25,000 to $40,000. Now it is Ethereum’s turn.

Rollups and other Ethereum betas have been flying, and the scheduled EIP-4844 upgrade will provide a substantial technical catalyst for increased adoption. Introducing a new transaction type for rollups will drastically reduce gas fees for end users and solidify $ETH’s role as money in different execution environments. If the rollup/ modularity thesis plays out, eventually, rollups will become the largest purchasers of Ethereum blockspace, replacing end users. 

Ethereum is a technological bet on crypto’s settlement layer, and buying $ETH is a great response to which crypto to buy today for long-term exposure to the industry. Reaching $4,000 this year involves a 60% move to the upside. ETF frontrunners are already piling in, and a massive expected increase in use across layer twos will result in rollups buying more and more $ETH. The buy pressure is there, and $ETH can easily target $4,000 this year. The real question is whether it will hit $10,000 this cycle.  

Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) Raises $2.8 Million 

Galaxy Fox has shot past $2.8 million in funding as investors read the writing on the walls. Ethereum flying means altcoin season is incoming, and the most explosive gainers will be presales situated in growing narratives. What crypto to buy today before altcoin season? Projects exactly like $GFOX. Market caps rule the world in bullish sentiment, and small market caps equal explosive upside.

The unique hybrid design of this protocol locates it in both the GameFi and memecoin narratives, and early success in raising funding clearly indicates a bullish future. The Web3 runner game at the heart of this ecosystem enables players to compete globally, with the top 20% of the leaderboard rewarded at the end of each season.

NFT ownership allows players to upgrade their in-game stats, adding a new dimension to this P2E game. Staking rewards unlock passive income for all $GFOX hodlers, not just the most-skilled players. And this divergence from the classic P2E model gives Galaxy Fox a far broader market appeal.

Presale participants will be among the first to stake their tokens in the Stargate module. Taxes fund these payouts introducing a direct correlation between staking payouts and ecosystem activity. Staking during $GFOX’s price discovery phase will be incredibly lucrative. The token burn ensures all these rewards are deflationary, and a perfect storm is brewing to propel $GFOX into the big leagues.  

Closing Thoughts: Altcoins & Ethereum In 2024

Going long Ethereum is a simple play, and when it reaches $4,000, investors have secured a 60% upside on their initial investment. Investors who want to juice their returns this cycle should be looking to Galaxy Fox. $GFOX easily ranks among the best cryptocurrencies to buy today, and its tiny market cap will allow early adopters to lock in 100X returns.

Altcoins are the stars of the bull market, and regarding what crypto to buy today for maximum upside, the answer is and always will be presales. Join the Galaxy Fox ICO today and front-run altcoin season before it begins.

Learn more about $GFOX here:

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