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Worldcoin Launches Futuristic Orb Eye-Scanner; $GFOX Hybrid Token Will Redefine GameFI

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Over the years, the crypto market has become more welcoming and supportive of innovative projects, choosing new coins over the established top 10 altcoins. Currently, there are two major developments you should know about: Worldcoin ($WLD), which launched the futuristic Orb eye-scanner, and Galaxy Fox ($GFOX), a hybrid new ICO crypto that completely altered the standard understanding of a meme coin or a P2E token. 

These two are currently the best altcoins to buy, and here’s what you need to know about them.

How Does Galaxy Fox Blend Meme Coins with GameFi?

Meme coins have often been seen as pump-and-dump tokens, creating hype and then vanishing within months. Galaxy Fox has decided to change this narrative by bringing utility to the once-joke niche market – blending it with GameFi. 

With Galaxy Fox, investors can engage in a runner game, win weekly combats, and reach financial freedom. As simple as it sounds, though, the game is highly competitive, especially for those inexperienced in online gaming. 

However, Galaxy Fox makes competition equal by opening an NFT marketplace where it will sell attributes and boosters. This way, even beginner players can increase their winning chances. 

The rewards come from a prize pool that’s regularly topped up with proceeds from in-game asset sales. Each week, the top 20% of players on the leaderboard are listed as winners and share 50% of the prize pool equally. The remaining funds are allocated to the treasury, which not only supports the project’s growth but also ensures there are always funds for prizes, steering clear of any pyramid scheme dynamics and securing rewards for dedicated members.

Another feature that will clearly help $GFOX to break into the top 10 altcoins is staking, with rewards generated through a buy/sell tax. Also, the above-mentioned NFT marketplace will release 3,000 original NFTs, bringing another passive income opportunity to the community.

All these features serve one goal – to keep the community happy and engaged. 

This innovative project is currently in the ICO stage, and its presale is a separate miracle. Split into 10 stages, the price of this coin rises gradually, ending up with a 450% ROI for first-time investors. 

Currently, $GFOX is in its 7th stage, and those who missed being an early bird can join now and benefit from the upcoming presale price hikes. 

Moreover, there’s an incentive to participate now with a 15% bonus using the promo code “SATURN15”. 

Is $WLD a Good Investment?

Worldcoin has rolled out a friendlier version of its Orb eye scanner. This high-tech device plays a huge role in Worldcoin’s mission to simplify cryptocurrency for everyone while keeping things secure. 

Orb scans a person’s eyeball and creates a unique numerical code based on the distinct features of their iris pattern. This code becomes what they call a ‘World ID.’ Worldcoin envisions this World ID being used as a secure login method for websites and as a way to verify identities online. 

Following the news, many are interested in $WLD’s price. Worldcoin’s native token, $WLD, is currently valued at $2.3, with a 10% decrease over the past week. While it’s not hitting the sky-high prices it saw back in December, with the new Worldcoin Orb upgrade on the horizon, there’s potential for some fresh energy in the $WLD token down the road.

Final Remarks

Trends in the crypto market are always shifting, and today, projects with innovative ideas and realistic future plans are where many decide to put their hard-earned money. 

Galaxy Fox’s tangible utility and growth potential have not been left unnoticed – all its prior presale stages sold out rapidly, and total funds raised surpassed $3 million. $GFOX is clearly on its way to being listed among the top 10 altcoins in the shortest future, so exploring its potential now could be your smartest decision.

Learn more about $GFOX here:

Visit Galaxy Fox Presale | Join the Community


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