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Worldcoin, Near Protocol Surging as AI Cryptos Pump

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The AI crypto sector is enjoying another expansion phase, with the total market cap jumping by over 3% today, according to CoinMarketCap data.

However, heavyweight projects such as Worldcoin and Near Protocol are turning heads as their prices have climbed by 5.8% and 7%, respectively.

AI Narratives Gains Momentum as Prices Recover 

AI cryptos experienced unwavering bullish momentum in mid-March, and after a brief correction, prices have started to recover. 

The early-to-mid-March pump was ignited amid a broader market appetite for AI-related assets. GPU manufacturer Nvidia has continually made headlines in recent months, becoming the third-largest company in the U.S. stock market behind Microsoft and Apple.

Demand for Nvidia’s GPUs was driven by the growing AI industry, which led to speculation and liquidity spilling over into crypto AI projects.

Near Protocol leads the way among AI cryptos, holding a $7.4 billion market cap. It is currently priced at $7.04, up 7% today, down 1.3% this week, but up 56% this month and 255% this year.

Worldcoin is another top AI contender, currently holding a $1.2 billion market cap and priced at $6.97. Its price is up 5.9% today, down 17% this week, up 2% this month, and up 318% since its launch in August.

Analyst Scient anticipates that Near will advance toward its local high in the coming days.

“Nice breakout on the impulse move yesterday as we reclaimed the 4-hour MSS level and 4-hour 100 EMA. So, I’m looking to long the retest of the MSS level and 4-hour 100 EMA to confirm the reclaim,” he explained.

Similarly, YG Crypto speculates that Worldcoin could be primed to break a trend line resistance and undergo its “next leg up.”

However, the analyst warns traders to await a reversal confirmation after its recent selloff.

“This could be a strategic entry point for long-term believers. However, a confirmed trend reversal is crucial before diving in,” he said.

Given the AI industry’s meteoric success in recent months, Near and Worldcoin seem primed for a bright future.

However, these are not the only AI cryptos that look promising. Newly launched eTukTuk also shows potential, having recently crossed the $2.8 million mark at presale.

New AI Crypto eTukTuk Raises $2.8M, 4 Days Until Price Increase

eTukTuk is a new project that reimagines the electric vehicle industry with AI and blockchain technology.

This trifecta of hot-topic innovations has drawn immense interest from market participants. Its presale has already raised a whopping $2.8 million. To put that into perspective, Solana’s March 2020 presale round raised just $1.76 million.

Adding to the excitement, analyst Jacob Bury recently speculated that the project holds 10x potential following its exchange launch.

eTukTuk plans to introduce three-wheeled electric “tuk tuks” into Sri Lanka and then developing nations globally, providing a green, convenient, and affordable mode of transport.

The project harnesses AI for route optimization and predictive maintenance of its vehicles, ensuring their efficiency and longevity.

Meanwhile, its integration of blockchain tech ensures seamless accessibility for everyone. Currently, 1.4 billion adults are unbanked globally, predominantly in developing nations. This creates financial disparity and neglects them of essential services like transport. 

However, with eTukTuk, anyone can get started with just a crypto wallet.

The $TUK token will transfer value throughout the ecosystem, and holders can stake it for passive rewards. Currently, they can garner a 96% APY, but this decreases as the staking pool grows.

The eTukTuk presale price will rise throughout the campaign, with the next uptick in four days.

Visit eTukTuk Presale


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