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World’s Largest Pension Fund May Invest in Bitcoin; $GFOX “Blue-Chip” Meme for Investor Portfolios

World's Largest Pension Fund May Invest in Bitcoin; $GFOX "Blue-Chip" Meme for Investor Portfolios
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This will be the last great cycle before cryptos become commonplace in everyday life and the traditional financial landscape. The world’s largest pension fund may invest in Bitcoin ($BTC), and counterparties will not get bigger than this unless more nation-states start buying $BTC. This would be a massive boon to the leader of the top ten cryptocurrencies, and eventually, this liquidity will spill out into broader crypto markets.

While pension funds are buying $BTC, investors want to be furthest out on the risk curve. Many have forgotten that a rising tide lifts all boats, and holding the small caps is where all the real returns exist. Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) is a ‘‘blue-chip’’ meme for investor portfolios, and early buyers are staring at a potential 100X rally in the next six months. 

Bitcoin ($BTC): Japan’s State Pension Fund? 

Bitcoin is attracting big fish, and Japan’s state pension fund GPIF has begun investigating the asset. Pension funds buying $BTC is nothing new, with groups like South Korea’s National Pension Service and Houston Firefighters pension fund already holding Bitcoin on their balance sheets. The difference this time is sizing.

GPIF manages $1.4 trillion in assets, and a pension fund this large potentially opening a position would be a green flag to other pension giants to wade in. Despite the short-term volatility, $BTC makes a perfect asset for pension funds, given its qualities as a store of value. Its programmed scarcity is ideal for extended periods, and Bitcoin is always given as a response to which crypto to buy today for long-term exposure to the industry.

The halving approaches and the supply-demand dynamic that has been playing out — ETF issuers buying more $BTC than miners are issuing- is only set to get worse, massively favoring existing holders. Bitcoin is a great asset to own and is the leader of the top ten cryptocurrencies for a reason. 

Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) Blue Chip Memecoin 

The scramble to find the leading memecoins this cycle has already begun and Galaxy Fox’s massive success coming out the gate has put it in pole position to become a blue chip memecoin asset later this year. Presales live and die on their ability to create early momentum, and Galaxy Fox smashing $5 million speaks volumes. Plug in. There is a wild price discovery phase loading.

Galaxy Fox’s success comes from its unique approach to the memecoin genre. Instead of offering investors another single-dimensional token, $GFOX incorporates a play-to-earn game and builds an entire ecosystem. The play-to-earn game is an endless runner-  a gaming classic- and pays out prizes at the end of each season. Creating the perfect interest funnel for new users.

The tokenomics model underpinning $GFOX will turn it into a blue-chip asset. The token burn actively reduces the total supply, and staking rewards enable users to earn with their tokens. Take passive income and blend it with deflationary tokenomics, and you have a winning recipe. Unsurprisingly, $GFOX is hailed as one of the top cryptos to buy right now. 

Closing Thoughts: Prepare for $BTC & Memecoin Dominance 

This cycle will be dominated by hard assets like $BTC and risk-on assets like memecoins. Anybody deploying six figures should be allocating to Bitcoin, but anybody working with a smaller portfolio should be buying memecoins and forget about the top ten cryptocurrencies.

Galaxy Fox’s path to becoming a blue chip is preordained, and when the GameFi narrative gains steam, expect another surge in price. Native yield on a deflationary asset with a perfect user onboarding ramp thanks to its runner game. $GFOX is a 100X waiting to happen- join the presale today. 

Learn more about $GFOX here:

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