Cardano starts final preparations for Vasil hardfork after a successful launch on testnet

Cardano starts final preparations for Vasil hardfork after a successful launch on testnet
2 months ago
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While the cryptocurrency industry awaits the launch of the Cardano (ADA) Vasil hardfork, the ecosystem’s developer Input Output (IOHK) has announced a successful hardfork of the testnet, which is an important step towards the mainnet upgrade.

Indeed, the team confirmed the successful testnet hardfork in a series of tweets on July 3, adding that it was now inviting the Cardano stake pool operators (SPOs), developers building on the network, as well as exchanges “to commence their final testing and integration processes.”

According to the tweets, the complex program of work that the Vasil hardfork involves will require projects to check backward compatibility, as well as SPOs to make some scripting adjustments. 

Furthermore, there is going to be a four-week period following the testnet hardfork, giving enough time for the SPOs, developers, and exchanges “to test and upgrade before we trigger the hard fork for the Cardano mainnet.”

As per the thread, the teams at Cardano Foundation and Input Output Global (IOG) will cooperate closely with the exchanges and Dapp/tool developers throughout this entire process, and:

“As soon as we are confident ecosystem partners are comfortable & ready, we’ll submit an update proposal to upgrade the Cardano mainnet to Vasil.”

Benefits of the Cardano hardfork

The team reiterated that the Vasil improvements guarantee “higher throughput through diffusion pipelining to a better developer experience via much improved script performance & efficiency (plus lower costs).”

On top of that:

“The Vasil upgrade will also include Cardano cryptographic primitives improvements (enabling greater interoperability options for other blockchains), a tuned Plutus interpreter, and a new cost model, which are all part of Plutus V2 scripts.”

Plutus is the native advanced smart contract programming language and smart contract platform for Cardano that allows developers to write applications that interact with the Cardano blockchain.

Hard at fork

The newest developments are a continuation of Cardano’s efforts that Finbold reported in late June when the team had submitted an updated proposal to hardfork the testnet and started the countdown for the Vasil mainnet upgrade.

Meanwhile, Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson had addressed the public in a video in which he provided a full update on how things were developing and his organization’s plans for the future, including enrolling more developers to support the network’s exponential growth.

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