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How to Invest in Metaverse Games? | Tips & Games List

How to Invest in Metaverse Games? | Tips & Games List
Tony Philip

Gaming is one of the most significant use cases for investing in the metaverse, the new frontier technology that combines augmented and virtual reality to create a digitally simulated environment. The metaverse takes online gaming to a whole new level, where participants can talk to each other as they play and transact within the game using fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies.

Video gaming is critical to the growth and expansion of the metaverse world, and many gaming platforms are positioning themselves to influence the metaverse business space in this aspect. 

A brief history of the metaverse games

Neal Stephenson and Orson Scott Card coined the term metaverse for the first time in 1992. The original idea was to create computer-generated spaces where characters could spend several days and interact with the physical world. Several years later, a few pioneer games like Roblox (2006) and Minecraft (2011) were launched using the metaverse concept.

These games allowed players to use virtual materials to create their avatars, which paved the way for the development of the metaverse world. Today, the metaverse is a virtual space that combines both the real world and the digital world. It operates as a network of 3D virtual worlds, which embraces the use of virtual reality, augmented reality, and blockchain.

The metaverse world uses digital media concepts to create seamless user interaction in the digital space, which works like an extension of the real world. As the metaverse world gains popularity, investors are getting more interested in the platform, and one way to tap into its potential is through metaverse games.

Crypto beginners’ corner:

Characteristics of metaverse games

Metaverse games operate on non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and the play-to-earn model. Here are some of the features of these games:


The metaverse world is a decentralized digital space that embraces AR/VR, blockchain, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, among other disruptive technologies.


Online gamers in the metaverse space can create personalized digital avatars. Customization is done through in-game add-ons, which players can purchase as NFTs.


Players can earn money in the form of rewards through their gameplay. The platform uses NFTs to define the ownership of assets and value transfer.


The Metaverse world aims to incorporate various user experiences by combining the physical and digital worlds into a single environment. The multi-user universe continues to run even after a player removes his or her headset.

The metaverse world and gaming

In the metaverse, real people play virtual games and use apps to join and interact with others in the 3D digital “worlds” represented as avatars. The activities in the virtual spaces are much like those in the real world, where players can create items, buy metaverse land, trade, invest, and even reward others.

The gaming space in the metaverse is user-friendly, with several games included. It also embraces live streaming, metaverse crypto coins, virtual reality, and social media to allow users to move across a digital community of competing products. For example, a player can acquire a piece of digital art from one game developed by a particular company and use the same item in another game created by a different company.

For example, you can have a clear, 360-degree view of the digital environment. Jackets and haptic gloves also provide a physical sense of touch. These provisions allow users to enjoy and explore the metaverse world much like the physical world. 

How to invest in metaverse games?

As metaverse inches closer to mainstream adoption, its use cases, and profit opportunities grow in equal measure. Many investors want to get a share of the company, and mainstream cryptocurrency platforms such as Binance already have simple processes for buying and selling metaverse tokens.

So, how can I invest in metaverse games? The main way to invest in these games is through the in-game NFTs. This can be done in two ways: by trading in-game assets and using in-game assets to earn as you play. Let’s see how each of them works:

Buying and Selling In-game Assets

As a metaverse player, you can buy, sell, or trade NFTs on different gaming marketplaces and other platforms, such as Binance NFT Marketplace. In-game NFTs include collectibles like cosmetic items, power-up potions, and crafted weapons, among others. Marketplaces like Binance already offer exclusive in-game items to help users get started.

Monetizing In-game NFTs

Many NFT gaming providers have adopted the Play-to-Earn system, where users can play against their opponents and earn in-game rewards or virtual currencies. For instance, a player in Axie Infinity (AXS) can proceed to adventure mode or compete on the battlefield and earn Smooth Love Potions (SLP).

After earning this reward, players can use it for breeding new Axies or trade cryptocurrency on relevant crypto exchanges. All the same, users should note that not every NFT-based game embraces the play-to-earn model. Many games are just designed for entertainment with no monetization opportunities.

Top 5 metaverse games to consider for investment

Many online gamers are grabbing the opportunity to invest in the metaverse world. If you’re a gaming enthusiast, you can take advantage of the token sales and NFT offerings available on the metaverse. But with so many games to pick from, how can you know which ones to keep an eye on?

Here are the top 5 metaverse games to watch:

Souls of Nature

Souls of Nature homepage screenshot.

Firstly, we have Souls of Nature—one of the pioneer games on the metaverse, but more importantly, it takes the experience a notch higher. It integrates a social mission into the metaverse experience for a wider reach and impact. The project has a collection of more than 9,000 Animal Soul NFTs that allow users to access a thrilling virtual space.

Importantly, Souls of Nature uses a share of its sales proceeds for wildlife conservation initiatives around the world. The proceeds are mainly used for protecting endangered wildlife species globally. Its main goal is to use the Web3-powered metaverse to strengthen environmental initiatives around the world.

Developed by the Mexico-based Metazooie Studios, Souls of Nature presents a huge investment potential with a fitting theme that takes users back to their origins in the spirit world. As a player, you’re born as a young cub with a unique identity determined by your NFT.

Your animal spirit grows and evolves in the metaverse world as you complete quests, handle challenging tasks, and conquer dangers. As you overcome these confrontations, you open a fraction of your soul. The gameplay also offers rewards, which are paid in $ZOOIE tokens.

The Sandbox

Sandbox homepage screenshot.

The Sandbox is among the most popular games on metaverse. It commands 7% of the metaverse games market share. The game operates in a virtual world based on the Ethereum blockchain, where users can create, own, buy, sell, and trade digital assets.

On the Sandbox, players have complete control over their in-game experiences and the chance to monetize their gaming experience using its base cryptocurrency, SAND. Through the Sandbox token (SAND), users can monetize their in-game assets.


Illuvium (ILV) homepage screenshot.

Next up, it’s Illuvium (ILV)—one of the metaverse games with potential investment opportunities. The game operates on the Ethereum blockchain, which offers gamers an open-world role-playing environment. Players can explore the digital gaming world and go for requests while building a military of Illuvials.

The game involves Illuvials, which are powerful creatures used by players in fights. With each fight they win, the Illuvials become stronger and can be bought, sold, or traded as NFTs. Stronger and rarer Illuvials fetch higher prices.


Decentraland homepage screenshot.

The fourth game on this list is Decentraland, the brainchild of two developers from Argentina, Ari Meilich and Esteban Ordano. Launched back in 2020, the game uses the MANA token as its base currency, which allows players to create avatars, purchase wearables, and even acquire property in the virtual space with more than 90,000 parcels of land.

As a landowner, you can rent out your lots (each lot measures 16 virtual square meters) and other existing structures on the parcels including hotels, houses, parks, cinemas, and casinos, among others.

Players can also earn income by selling tickets, organizing concerts, and setting up exhibitions to auction off digital art. In the end, players can get rewards and cryptocurrency in the form of MANA tokens. Users can transfer their crypto rewards to their digital wallets like MetaMask. As more users become interested in the project, the value of the MANA token will increase, and this makes it a potential investment opportunity. homepage screenshot.

Lastly, we have, which is among the top metaverse games to consider in 2024. This game embraces a hyper-personalized virtual world, which is complete with audio, videos, and chat integrations. It allows users to create life-like avatars using features like 3D facial scanning, which they can use to explore a diverse virtual world and buy or sell NFTs. allows players to create their own worlds and earn from their NFTs through the $PAXW token, which is the native currency of the project. Importantly, delivers rich and interactive experiences that bring socialization, education, and business to the virtual space.

To give users more perspective, features NFT art galleries, which emerging and existing artists can use to publish their work. Since running a virtual gallery is less costly than that in the physical world, the project will bring more artists on board. Together with all its outstanding features, this platform offers huge investment potential.

Major companies in the metaverse gaming space

The metaverse concept started long even before the renaming of Facebook to Meta Platforms Inc. (NASDAQ: FB) in 2021. So, let’s see some of the early entrants and leading pioneers of the metaverse world.

Epica Games

Epic Games is among the early birds that engineered the metaverse concept. The company released Fortnite, a multiplayer shooting game in 2017. Over the years, the game has developed into a digital events platform where users can hold virtual music concerts and attend dance parties.

The company continues to offer end-to-end solutions for developers and non-creatives to develop, distribute, and operate games and other digital content. Epic Games developers can shuttle across different brands and platforms such as Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, PC, iOS, and Android.


The leading work-related software developer Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) ventured into metaverse as early as 2014 when it acquired Minecraft. Minecraft is a Lego-like environment where players can “mine and craft” materials into devices they can use for building their worlds and defending themselves against monsters. In 2022, Microsoft acquired Activision Blizzard, which owns Call of Duty, Overwatch, and Diablo.


Roblox Corp. (NYSE: RBLX) first ventured into the gaming industry in 2006 when it released its first game with the same name. Nowadays, Roblox hosts nearly 50 million user-generated games, and it’s available on mobile and Xbox. The gaming site is popular with kids, owing to the cute and colorful appearances of its mini-games.

Some of its popular games include:

·        Adopt Me: a simulation that emphasizes caring for pet animals

·        Brookhaven: a role-playing game that allows users to change their homes and vehicles

In Roblox, creators can sell accessories for avatars to players who can later resell them. As a premium subscriber, you can convert digital currency from the game into actual money.

To withdraw, you must be 13 years and above and have at least 100,000 Robux tokens in your account. You can also join forums, meet new friends, and invite other players through Roblox’s messaging system.


Nvidia Corporation (NASDAQ: NVDA), one of the leading companies in graphics processing, is also in the metaverse world. The company is behind the launch of Omniverse™, a simulation platform that allows users to create digital tools with practical applications in the real world. Omniverse™ launched its beta version back in 2020, allowing users to create 3D avatars with virtual assistant potentials.


The software company joined the metaverse world in 2016 when it created the augmented reality mobile game Pokemon Go. However, Niantic aims to bring people closer to the real world than the digital space. In 2021, the company launched the “Meet You Out There” campaign, which emphasized the power of AR to improve real-world experiences.

4 things you need to play metaverse games

To get started with the most basic metaverse games, you need the following tools, in addition to the native or governance token:

·        A reliable and stable internet connection: Most games require faster internet speeds;

·        A VR headset: Virtual Reality gadgets are expensive, with some costing thousands of dollars.

However, you can explore various options—from Google Cardboard, which utilizes a smartphone and a cardboard viewer, to other alternatives like headsets connected to PCs or consoles. Wireless units like Oculus Quest also exist.

·        A PC or mobile device: You need a PC or smartphone to connect your headset if you’re not using a standalone headset;

·        Blockchain wallet: A digital wallet is necessary if you want to play metaverse games that require using digital money or cryptocurrencies.

The final word

As the universe switches to the digital space, the metaverse is already a hotspot for digital gaming and more. The metaverse games world is expanding, and big brands and tech giants are beginning to recognize the investment potential of the platform.

With a growing ecosphere, the platform is poised to attract more investors across the globe, especially those who are eyeing the NFTs space. 

Disclaimer: The content on this site should not be considered investment advice. Investing is speculative. When investing, your capital is at risk.

FAQs about investing in metaverse games

How to invest in metaverse games?

There are two main ways to invest in metaverse games. For one, you can buy and sell in-game assets, and second, by monetizing in-game NFTs.

The most popular metaverse game is The Sandbox, which commands an impressive 7% stake in the entire metaverse. It also attracts big names in the gaming industry like Snoop Dogg, Deadmau5, and The Smurfs.

What do you need to play metaverse games?

The first thing you need is a blockchain wallet if you’re going to play a metaverse game that involves cryptocurrencies. Besides, you need a stable internet connection, a PC or mobile device, and a VR headset.

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