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Maserati announces plans electrify all models in next 5 years

Maserati announces plans electrify all models in next 5 years

Italian luxury vehicle manufacturer Fiat Chrysler has announced plans to electrify all Maserati models in the next five years. According to the company, the brand will either be hybrid or fully electric.

The new flagship program will be exhibited in Maserati’s latest SUV Greacale model. The model to be released in 2021 will feature both a combustion engine and a hybrid version.

The revelation was made public by the unit’s Chief Executive, Davide Grasso, on Thursday during a fashion web event. According to Davide:

“The new Gran Turismo and Gran Cabrio models will be electrified too, all our line-up will be electrified in the next five years.”

A full-electric version of the Grecale SUV is expected at a later stage.

Shifting from stylish sport cars to electric vehicles

Last year, the manufacturer announced a plan to delve into the fast-rising electric car market under the FCA’s grander strategy, which is laid out its most recent five-year plan.

Early this year, the manufacturer announced that all new Maserati models would be 100% developed, engineered, and built in Italy. The vehicles were expected to adopt hybrid and battery electric propulsion systems.

Following the announcement, the company began testing new full-electric powerplants to be installed on future Maserati models.

In general, Maserati had made it clear its intentions to shift from stylish sports cars to battery-powered and autonomous vehicles. 

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