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‘Pooky’ sports prediction app launches full version of its Play-and-Earn game

‘Pooky' sports prediction app launches full version of its Play-and-Earn game

Pooky, a sports prediction software with a gamified twist, has announced the launch of its Play-and-Earn game. The final version incorporates a token economy that is both sustainable and resilient, as well as bug fixes and balance adjustments.

Starting on March 23, those who own Pooky non-fungible tokens (NFT) will have first access to Pooky’s Play-and-Earn game following a successful four-month beta period, per the information shared with Finbold on March 23.

Pookyball NFT holders may compete with one another to correctly predict the outcomes of football games and win prizes depending on their standings. Pooky will also release new Pookyball NFTs regularly for purchase in their online marketplace. 

The game features immersive gameplay mechanics with a balance between rewarding players for their accomplishments and fostering a thriving in-game economy designed by Alfred Vesligaj (formerly of Splinterlands), the company’s Game Designer, while Damian Volatino (previously of The SandBox) is the company’s Lead Product Designer. 

Four-month beta period

During this four-month beta period, 7,000 weekly users made football predictions and competed against one other. Popular football influencers like Fiago, RazzHD, and Sims2 contributed to the initiative’s content, which boosted its visibility and popularity.

Interestingly, Pooky’s new Play-and-Earn mode has a limited supply of 1,000 Genesis Pookyball NFTs, which sold out before the full game launch. There will also be a free mode where players may compete and earn promotions to the paid Play-and-Earn mode without spending money. 

Pooky not only provides a full slate of football games to make predictions on but also guarantees a minimum reward prize pool of 500 Polygon (MATIC) every matchday, to be split evenly amongst the top half of each leaderboard. When more people sign up to participate, the total value of the prizes will rise. 

Overall, Pooky’s complete release heralds a new age for Play-and-Earn games, which allow players to earn tokens as they play.

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