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Oxon Tech Review | Cloud-based Contact Center Manager

Oxon Tech Review | Cloud-based Contact Center Manager
Jordan Major

In this review, we will focus on Oxon Tech, a cloud-based contact center management software that will handle all company operations using the most creative collection of tools and artificial intelligence. You will learn about its key features, including a chatbot, emails and phone calls, an interactive dashboard, performance tracking, and much more.


Oxon Tech is a cloud-based contact center management solution that provides small and medium-sized businesses with a consolidated platform for managing customer interactions.

The firm promises to provide its clients with a simple and effective contact center solution by incorporating webchat, SMS, phone calls, and social media assistance all from a single platform.

Indeed the fast-growing company’s primary areas of concentration are Omnichannel customer support, sales teams, telemarketing, personal email marketing, agent management, and customer experience insights.

About Oxon Tech

Oxon Tech is a team of people working on a fully integrated business management software suite that delivers cloud-based contact center management solutions. Its software is powered by artificial intelligence to improve customer experience.

With Oxon, companies can engage with consumers in one location, whether the client prefers to communicate by phone, email, webchat, or social networks. The integrated suite eliminates the need for agents to open multiple windows. It’s an easy-to-use system for monitoring, prioritizing, and resolving customer support tickets.

Omnichannel services. Source: OxonTech

Aside from client assistance, Oxon is a collection of strong tools that can significantly improve corporate efficiency and cost savings. For instance, customer relationship management (CRM), employee management, analytic software, and company management are examples of these technologies.

What businesses use Oxon Tech ?

Firstly, Oxon software has the potential to be useful in a variety of sectors. Whether you’re updating systems, migrating to the cloud, boosting connection, or strengthening security, Oxon can supply and support the best cost-effective solution for your organization.

With concrete examples, let’s take a look at how Oxon is improving company efficiency and performance.

Value for your business. Source:


Art-Lar Finance & Accounting is an accounting services firm located in Armenia that provides fast and accurate accounting, HR management (HRM), consulting, legal, and 1C solutions services.

Oxon has been used by Art-Lar Finance & Accounting for several years. Evidence has revealed that the software has had a significant influence on the Armenian accounting firm’s performance.

It’s important to note that Art-Lar Finance & Accounting deals with 200,000 clients every month and must answer on average 84 phone calls and 103 emails per day, with each agent connecting with 180 customers daily.

Interestingly, the data indicate that Art-Lar Finance & Accounting saves 98,000 euros per year through increased efficiency and productivity, with a 67% customer satisfaction rate.

Car Dealership Industry

By the same token, car dealerships are one of the world’s fastest-growing industries. With an expanding client base and consumer interest in digitalization, the need for technology adoption in this sector has increased in recent years.

“There is a divide where some dealers are embracing and adopting technology solutions and some still are not,” said Joe Chura, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Dealer Inspire, the digital marketing and consumer experience platform of “I do not think there is a defined date but now is the time to connect all the dots for technology solutions from consumer engagement with chatbots to dealership marketing and operations. The future is now for the industry and there is no way to avoid it.”

Oxon Tech has been serving the automotive sector for many years, and besides customer support, Oxon software has been enhancing the supply chain as well as overall business efficiency.   

As a case in point, the Japanese car manufacturer Toyota’s most prominent sales, service, and repair center in Lithuania, Tokvila, has been using Oxon for many years with excellent results. At Tokvila, Oxon has been handling several issues and assisting the organization in taking its operations to the next level.

The Japanese firm noticed greater cost savings and increased customer satisfaction due to increased agent productivity, as Oxon’s chatbot reduced customer flow from live agents by 13%. As a result, the company is estimated to have saved 13,000 euros a year after implementing Oxon solutions.  

Moreover, following the software application, Tokvila has received the highest award for customer service excellence and has been recognized as the best in the Baltics.

Car rental industry

Although the pandemic significantly impacted the car rental industry, the need for more seamless digitization has risen as customers are now contacting more through online platforms. Consequently, the future success of car rental companies is determined mainly by how quickly they can detect and respond to the latest market trends. 

In particular, Oxon has a proven track record of using sophisticated technology to improve car rental operations., based in Ukraine, for example, has been utilizing Oxen for several years. After using Oxon solutions, the rental company saved 25,000 euros per year as higher customer satisfaction proved to impact the company’s revenue positively.

With Oxon, the call center manager may view all company information, including staff efficiency and the reasons for which clients are contacting them. 

Along with call center support, Oxon provides team leaders and managers with call and chat statistics and other information to assist them in developing client-centric strategies.

We must also consider the chatbot feature as this has reduced the flow of customers from live agents on by 23%, meaning less waiting time for those customers who, for whatever reason, can’t resolve their query with the chatbot.

Through the dashboards, the team leader may access real-time information regarding business communications. There are five distinct kinds:

  1. Incoming calls;
  2. Outgoing phone calls;
  3. Tickets;
  4. Chats;
  5. Facebook incoming dashboard; 

All possible information about inbound calls in the inbound dashboard and three filters are available to the team leader for data filtering.
Team leader dashboard video demonstration

Insurance industry

Customer support and satisfaction are key competitive factors in differentiating the services of firms in the insurance sector. After establishing a good connection between consumers and insurers, it is critical to develop customer-centric initiatives. 

By way of example, Oxon provides extensive data and other support services to evaluate what consumers are complaining about and what their primary requests are. 

For many years Oxon has provided support services to AON, a prominent worldwide professional insurance service. By implementing Oxon’s software, the insurance business experienced tremendous results in efficiency and cost savings and had data on hand to develop customer-focused solutions.

With Oxon, call center leaders and managers can examine all company data, speedily resolve problems, observe the main issues, and determine why clients contact them. In total, AON saved 59,000 euros by utilizing Oxon Tech’s support services.

Postal services industry

Postal services companies are one of the fastest-growing businesses amid the enormous growth in online shopping trends and digitalization.

Thousands of individuals visit postal services every hour for order booking, order inquiry, and other purposes. In order to capitalize on rising demand, the postal service sector needs a robust support service that is fully equipped with cutting-edge technology. 

Oxon is among the software support service platforms that have been helping postal services businesses to capitalize on increasing demand while also enhancing the overall efficiency of the firms.

By way of illustration, Oxon has been used by the state-owned business AB Lietuvos paštas for many years; the Lithuanian firm is in charge of post and financial services. 

AB Lietuvos paštas lowered client intake by 17% using Oxon’s chat-bot, which is approximately 35 customers per day for a single agent. Overall, Oxon’s Omnichannel and support services aided in cost reduction for the state-owned enterprise by increasing staff productivity.

Oxon Tech support services have the potential to be helpful in a wide range of sectors and organizations. The list of industries that use Oxon Tech support services is extensive. The following are a few other sectors that make use of Oxon Tech services:

  • Production, Wholesale;
  • Real Estate;
  • Retail, E-Commerce;
  • Telecommunication;
  • Ticket Sales;
  • Travel;
  • Energetics;
  • Facility Management;
  • Financial (Governmental);
  • Health Care.

The key features of Oxon Tech contact center platform

Oxon Tech’s support services are not limited to its contact centers; the cloud-based software, powered by artificial intelligence, offers several features that help organizations improve their performance and cost structures.

Initially, we will analyze its main call center services before moving on to its other innovative services to observe how the cloud-based software improves overall performance.

1. All support channels in one software

Companies use various tools and services to manage their support center needs, which forces their agents to open numerous windows simultaneously. 

Oxon has solved this issue since the centralized software allows agents to serve clients in a single-window whether they contact them by phone, SMS, email, or Facebook chat. Furthermore, the program automatically saves all support history in one location. In doing so, all of this contributes to cost reduction and increased company productivity.

Call screen. Source: Oxontech

With Oxon’s Omni-channel, customers may quickly reach their preferred channel to resolve their issues. Furthermore, Oxon customer satisfaction surveys and NPS metrics enable you to track each agent’s performance as well as gain a better knowledge of your customers’ needs. Voice call recording software ensures that your QA process is compliant both locally and regionally. 

Moreover, Oxon assists organizations with outbound calls, video calls, SMS, emails, Facebook conversations, and webchat, in addition to incoming calls.

2. Artificial Intelligence based chat-bot

Chatbots are one of the most important factors in solving frequently asked questions, with data indicating that they have decreased live agent workload by 30%. Oxon’s chatbot can interpret natural human speech, use synonyms, and smoothly respond to small-talk.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is oxon-1.png

Oxon Chatbot features: Source: Oxontech

On top of assisting consumers in obtaining the correct information about the goods, the Oxon chatbot also answers queries from the frequently asked questions list. Additionally, if necessary, the chatbot may help customers in ordering products or canceling orders.

Apart from that, companies may configure the chatbot to operate with your website, social media messenger, or even email. Businesses can simply manage their webchat operations with an intelligent chatbot 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

In the video below, users are shown the platform for how to build context over chatbots. The guided video shows a conversation using a natural interface. Since businesses could get varied responses from their customers, the video starts with a more difficult chat. Companies can also build responses using patterns and map intents, and apply them to each of them.
Chatbot demonstration video

3. Customer Relationship Manager (CRM)

Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) is another useful tool that will help firms in addition to call center support as it enables companies to keep and easily access contact information such as names, addresses, phone numbers, and corporate names.

CRM Screen. Source:

Oxon’s CRM includes a contact management system that displays all connections and interactions in a user-friendly manner. Individual clients can be tagged and commented on by companies. It has a calendar sharing feature that enables employees to access the same database. Moreover, businesses can view their history across all channels, allowing them to plan from previous data when making client-centric strategies.

4. Analytics & Business Management

No firm can prosper if it fails to assess staff performance and customer needs. Oxon provides a comprehensive view of project or campaign performance by offering a plethora of statistical data. Its visualization tools facilitate and accelerate the analytic process.

Analytics and Business management overview. Source. Oxontech

Oxon’s cloud-based software assists businesses that may simply gather and profit on big data within and across the company using Oxon’s application. The platform includes a real-time interactive dashboard that allows you to assess the contact support team’s effectiveness rapidly. Furthermore, businesses can also utilize Oxon’s auto surveys’ results to improve corporate performance.

Oxon Tech dashboard data. Source: Oxontech

How to use the platform?

Oxon Tech supplies the best cost-effective solution for your organization, whether updating systems, migrating to the cloud, boosting connection, or strengthening security. The cost of an account starts at 29 euros per month, and it is tailored specifically for each firm, depending on the features.

First of all, to facilitate the set up of the platform for preparation works, agents participating in the call, ticket, social network conversation, and online chat selection activities must pick a campaign in which they will handle some form of service through phone, email, chat, or social media.

Agent call screen. Source: Oxontech

The employee may only work with one of the campaigns created by the team leader, and during the initial connection, they must pick the campaign with which they wish to work and activate services.

After that, the internet browser will seek permission to utilize one microphone. If the microphone is off, the user will be unable to make outgoing or incoming calls and will receive a notification via the system language selection. 

The user may select system language and ring the device from the top right language button. The user can pick the computer sound device from which the phone will ring from this screen.

Below is a video of the preparation work on how to set up the platform for a call.

To learn more on how to use the platform, visit Oxon Tech’s YouTube channel.

What are the Pros and Cons of Oxon Tech support software?



  • Businesses may run many campaigns simultaneously, each with its own set of settings and the ability to include various agent groups;
  • The activity reports are regarded as one of Oxon’s most helpful features;
  • The software saves both time and money. It also boosts productivity by increasing company efficiency. The all-in-one software increases the speed of the customer support, and managers can easily monitor all of their operations;
  • One of the best tools for making outgoing calls, with an easy-to-use interface;
  • CRM and HRM features are significantly helping businesses;
  • Reasonable pricing structure, and the login process is simple;
  • Convenient monitoring of all internal and external corporate interactions and communications.


  • No Skype integration;
  • No LinkedIn lead generator;
  • No mobile application.


Overall, Oxon enhances agent management and customer experience insights in addition to corporate communication management. Managers may use Oxon’s analytics and reporting technologies to set agent work hours, objectives, and support channels, as well as obtain essential and actionable performance data. 

Whatsmore, Oxon agents can give real-time web help via video, phone calls, or text chat to successfully manage existing customers. By providing speech, voice, and text analytics to improve workforce performance through tracking agent and customer conversations, businesses can maximize results, cut costs and increase efficiency.

For more information, visit or go to their community channels on Linkedin and Facebook.

FAQs about Oxon Tech

Does Oxon Tech have a physical location?

Yes, Oxontech has offices in the United Kingdom, Lithuania, and Dubai; however, you do not need to go to the office to purchase products; simply go to the website and purchase plans directly from there.

Is Oxon Tech a reputable company?

Yes, Oxontech is a reliable firm; it has aggressively invested in product improvements to increase its software performance. Moreover, the company generated $14 million in revenue. At present, Oxon Tech employs around 75 people.

Is Oxon Tech's product available all over the world?

Yes, anyone may purchase Oxontech products straight from the company’s website.

Does Oxon Tech have 24/7 customer support?

Yes, Oxon Tech offers a 24/7 webchat. If the information you want is not included in any of their tutorials, you may contact them by phone in the United Kingdom and Lithuania or email the support team.

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