Robert Kiyosaki warns US dollar is ‘about to implode’, advises buying Bitcoin, ETH, SOL

Robert Kiyosaki warns US dollar is 'about to implode', advises buying Bitcoin, ETH, SOL
6 months ago
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Businessman and author of the personal finance bookRich Dad Poor Dad,” Robert Kiyosaki, has returned with his latest warnings about the impending collapse of the US Dollar, as well as a recommendation for investors to purchase some cryptocurrencies.

Kiyosaki tweeted Monday, March 28, warning “National debt to go through the roof,” and emphasizing that the dollar is “about to implode.”

President Joe Biden, according to the well-known author, is responsible for inflation. He then advised investors to stockpile additional gold, silver, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Solana in preparation for the outbreak of the third world war.

Kiyosaki warns about the largest bubble in history

Notably, Kiyosaki has consistently warned about the impending demise of the United States currency and has said that we are living in the largest bubble in history with a “crash and depression coming” as fake inflation accelerates. 

Despite his crypto-related comments, Kiyosaki warned earlier this month that the government would take all cryptocurrencies when they issue a “Fed crypto” (federal reserve cryptocurrency).

Kiyosaki explained how the decentralized structure of crypto places it at a confluence between technology and macroeconomics.

He said: 

“They wanna centralize control everything. So the reason I support Bitcoin, and especially blockchain, as it’s decentralized. It’s people’s money. Gold and silver are God’s money,” he said.

The businessman added that the Russia-Ukraine conflict has led to the emergence of crypto as a safe haven currency. Finbold reported on March 28, Bitcoin is up 35% since Russia invaded Ukraine showing divergent strength.

Many market speculators were interested in seeing how Bitcoin would perform as a safe haven asset, and it recently hit a 3-month high wiping all its 2022 losses while Ethereum also just saw $30 billion pumped into its market cap.

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