Blockchain courses skyrocket in India as demand for experts increases

4 months ago
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For the past year, India has been experiencing an unprecedented increase in the number of blockchain-related courses, as the demand rises for blockchain-educated professionals in the country.

Several major institutes in India have already jumped on the bandwagon and introduced courses in blockchain technology, Times of India reports

At press time, more than 11,000 blockchain-related job positions were waiting to be filled, and those are only the job ads posted on LinkedIn India. Reportedly, there’s a need for blockchain analysts, blockchain architects, blockchain remote trainers, and other professionals with ‘blockchain’ in their job descriptions.

Educational institutes offer courses on Bitcoin and blockchain

Major educational institutes now offer courses such as advanced certification programs in software engineering for blockchain, cloud, and Internet of Things (IoT), elective courses on Bitcoin and blockchain technology, and even free short online courses on blockchain basics.

The courses aren’t for job-seekers only. Businessmen and entrepreneurs are also taking them to educate themselves on the trending digital assets and avoid crypto-related scams.

In general, India is facing such an increased demand for professionals experienced and educated in all things blockchain as it moves towards an increasingly digital and blockchain-based future.

For one, it is expecting the rollout of a ‘digital rupee’ by 2023, as Finbold reported earlier. The country is also planning to reduce the tax on trading cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) by 30%.

Interest versus distrust

Despite the growing interest in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology in India, they’re still met with hesitation or even strong opposition coming from some of the country’s most notable governmental and financial figures. 

One of them is India’s finance secretary T.V. Somanathan, who previously expressed uncertainty regarding the outlook on crypto regulations. He said that:

“Crypto-assets are currently neither illegal nor are they encouraged. So they’re in a sort of a grey area.”

Meanwhile, the governor of the Reserve Bank of India, Shaktikanta Das, used a slightly sharper vocabulary, dismissing cryptocurrencies as “not worth a tulip” – indicating they don’t have any underlying value – and warning investors to proceed with caution.

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