Cardano records 400 new projects building on ADA in a month bringing the total to almost 900

Cardano records 400 new projects building on ADA in a month bringing the total to almost 900
6 months ago
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The Cardano (ADA) network underwent a major upgrade in September 2021, which included the implementation of smart contract capabilities, allowing the network to scale at a faster pace than ever before.

Recently, a number of key network milestones have been reached, as blockchain development has soared thanks to the update. At the same time, Cardano anticipates another wave of improvements with June 29, 2022, Vasil Hard Fork.

Currently, over 900 projects are being built on ADA as of April 18, meaning that the blockchain network has added almost 400 new projects building on its network in a little over a month.

Input Output tweeted:

“As of today, nearly 900 projects are #BuildingOnCardano And this number goes up day by day.”

It’s with mentioning that last month Finbold reported Tim Harrison, Marketing and Communications Director at Input Output Global, revealed there were 517 projects being built on ADA.

Cardano network growth 

Indeed, projects including non-fungible tokens (NFTs) collections, DeFi lending, and new wallets are all being built on the platform.

In terms of NFTs, Snoop Dogg, the hip-hop artist, announced he is re-establishing his presence in the cryptocurrency industry. His latest collaboration is with Clay Nation, which will be launching an NFT collection on the Cardano blockchain.

Elsewhere data acquired by Finbold on April 18 revealed the network added almost 100,000 wallets to its network in a month between March 17 and April 17, just before the ERC-20 converter launched, with Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson; later adding ‘just getting started.’

Notably, the number of wallets on ADA now stands at well 3,360,761 as of April after hitting the 3 million wallet milestone earlier this year.

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