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ChatGPT picks 5 commodities to buy for the start of 2024

ChatGPT picks 5 commodities to buy for the start of 2024
Elmaz Sabovic

With 2023 drawing to a close, investors have benefitted from the good performance of the stock market. Conversely, many commodities have experienced gains in value.

Investors might wonder which commodities they should invest in in 2024 while considering the ongoing global developments, weather conditions, inflation, and supply and demand dynamics.

Finbold utilized AI-driven solutions, ChatGPT from OpenAI, that considers all of these factors and provides a list of 5 commodities that could potentially offer a good return on investment for traders in 2024.

While it can provide general insights, it is essential to note that it cannot predict specific events that may influence the price of the commodity but advises diversification or a mix of commodities that cover different sectors to minimize risks.

Precious metals 

Precious metals, namely gold and silver, act as a haven for investors, as their prices are usually resilient to unfavorable geopolitical and economic events or might even gain in value during times of turmoil.

Gold and silver recommendations of commodities to invest in. Source: ChatGPT and Finbold
Gold and silver recommendations of commodities to invest in. Source: ChatGPT and Finbold

Gold is commonly regarded as a secure asset, demonstrating resilience, particularly during economic uncertainty or inflation. Central banks and investors frequently designate gold as a reliable store of value.

Silver possesses dual appeal, catering to both industrial and investment demands. Similar to gold, it serves as a hedge against inflation. Additionally, silver derives its value from industrial applications, notably in electronics and solar panels.

Crude oil

Crude oil represents a pivotal commodity within the energy sector, and its price is subject to a complex interplay of diverse factors. The valuation of oil is notably affected by geopolitical events, global economic growth trajectories, and the industry’s production levels.

Crude oil is a potential commodity investment choice. Source: ChatGPT and Finbold
Crude oil is a potential commodity investment choice. Source: ChatGPT and Finbold

It is imperative to acknowledge the inherent volatility in oil prices, a characteristic that underscores the susceptibility of the energy market to rapid and unpredictable fluctuations. 

Furthermore, prudence dictates a consideration of potential supply shocks, as these can exert substantial influence on the overall dynamics of the energy market. A comprehensive understanding of these multifaceted elements is crucial for informed decision-making within crude oil investments.

Agricultural commodities 

Corn serves multifaceted purposes, extending beyond its role as a food source to include biofuels and animal feed. Its pricing includes weather conditions, global demand, and government policies.

Crucial in human and animal diets, soybeans are also integral to various industrial products. Monitoring trade relations and weather patterns is essential to understand and anticipate shifts in soybean prices.

Coffee, a globally consumed beverage, holds significance in commodity markets. Factors such as climatic conditions, geopolitical events in producing regions, and changing consumer preferences contribute to the volatility in coffee prices. Investors should consider these variables when including coffee in their portfolios.


Colloquially termed “Dr. Copper” for its sensitivity to economic trends, it is pivotal in diverse industries, including construction, electronics, and manufacturing. Its essentiality in these sectors positions copper as a critical barometer for economic health. A surge in demand for copper is often interpreted as a positive signal indicating potential economic growth. 

Therefore, investors closely monitor copper prices and market trends to glean insights into broader economic conditions. The intricate relationship between copper and economic dynamics underscores its significance as a strategic commodity within the global market landscape.


Another offering that may serve as a nice diversification for the portfolio might be cryptocurrencies due to their added resilience to inflation.

Bitcoin (BTC) is a decentralized digital currency, frequently regarded as a hedge against inflation and a digital store of value. Bitcoin shares some characteristics with commodities, such as being a finite resource (with a maximum supply of 21 million coins) and being subject to supply and demand dynamics. Bitcoin is unique in combining elements of a store of value (similar to gold) and a medium of exchange (similar to traditional fiat currencies).

Monitoring market trends, global economic indicators, and geopolitical developments is essential when considering commodities. Investors should remember that commodities can be affected by factors such as weather events, government policies, and technological advancements. 

Additionally, the speculative nature of cryptocurrencies requires a thorough understanding of the market and regulatory environment. Diversification and a well-researched approach are vital to managing risk in a commodities portfolio. 

Disclaimer: The content on this site should not be considered investment advice. Investing is speculative. When investing, your capital is at risk.

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