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Top 50 Dividend Stocks to Buy in 2024

top 50 dividend stocks to buy
Nemanja Curcic

Summary: Investing in dividend stocks can provide a steady and reliable stream of passive income while keeping the option to benefit from capital appreciation. This guide highlights the top 50 dividend stocks to consider and explain how to invest in dividend stocks in a few simple steps using a regulated dividend-paying investing platform like eToro.

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What are dividend stocks?

These dividends represent your share in the company’s earnings and can become a reliable passive income stream on top of any potential gains from stock price speculation. 

Shareholders usually receive dividends in cash each month, quarter, or year. The amount can vary depending on the company’s performance, so researching the stock’s historical performance can indicate the stock’s long-term viability.

How to recognize the best dividend stocks?

These factors are telling signs of how the dividend stock will perform:

  • Long-term profitability: Look for dividend stocks with long-term profitability and an annual average interest of 5% or more;
  • Liquidity: Confirm that the company has a healthy cash flow generation that enables it to pay dividends;
  • Continuous payments: A solid dividend stock has paid dividends for at least five years without intermissions;

Top 50 dividend stocks to buy in 2024


  • The top dividend stock selection in this guide is based primarily on the latest available dividend yield in 2024;
  • The list is cross-checked against the stock’s historical performance and value tendencies to exclude potential dividend value traps and declining businesses;
  • It slightly favors established, high-market-cap companies over newly-emerged dividend stocks due to the stability and reliability of payments;
  • While the items in the list are numbered, the list is not a numerical ranking due to mutually incomparable factors (for example, certain stocks have a higher annual dividend yield, while others have a more reliable dividend payment history);
  • The list showcases companies from different sectors to provide a diversified selection. It is crucial to conduct your own research before investing.

Disclaimer: Positive historical performance does not guarantee future gains.

1. Philip Morris (PM) – est. annual div. yield: 5.38%

Philip Morris International Inc. (NYSE: PM) is a multinational American tobacco company with a globally recognized brand. Its flagship, Marlboro, and other products are available in over 180 countries.

Until March 2008, Philip Morris International was part of Altria, but its parent company spun it off to allow the compartment more legislative and market freedom. Although tobacco remains controversial, the company is an S&P 100 component and is included in the Fortune 500 list of the largest corporations by total revenue.

Philip Morris is among the best dividend stocks with consistent payment and high dividend yield (>5%).

Top 50 Dividend Stocks to Buy: PM
Philip Morris (PM) dividend history. Source:

PM price today

2. Verizon Communications (VZ) – est. annual div. yield: 7.61%

Verizon Communications Inc. (NYSE: VZ) is a leading American telecommunications company providing various services and products, including wireless, wireline, broadband, and digital entertainment services, boasting extensive 4G and 5G networks nationwide. Its mobile network is the 2nd-largest wireless carrier in the U.S. Additionally, it sells accessories and gear for mobiles and PCs. 

The company is a Dow Jones Industrial Average and S&P 100 component. Its dividend yield hovered around 5% in recent years but hit 7.5% in mid-2023. Combined with consistent payments, this makes VZ one of the top dividend stocks.

Top 50 Dividend Stocks to Buy: VZ
Verizon Communications (VZ) dividend history. Source:

VZ price today

3. AT&T (T) – est. annual div. yield: 7.67%

AT&T Inc. (NYSE: T) is an American telecommunications giant. Founded by Alexander Graham Bell, the inventor of the telephone, the company is known today for its wireless and wired communication, internet, and entertainment.

It is the world’s 3rd-largest telecoms company by revenue and the largest provider of mobile phone services in the U.S. It is the 13th largest corporation by Fortune 500 rankings in 2023 and an S&P 100 component. 

Its stock pays regular dividends with consistently high yields over the years (>5%) and this mid-year’s peak of 7.6%.

Top 50 Dividend Stocks to Buy: T
AT&T (T) dividend history. Source:

T price today

4. Rio Tinto (RIO) – est. annual div. yield: 5.57%

Rio Tinto Group (LSE: RIO, ASX: RIO) is a British-Australian multinational mining and metals corporation headquartered in London and Melbourne. It is the world’s 2nd-largest metals and mining corporation. 

With ongoing operations worldwide, the company specializes in extracting iron ore, aluminum, copper, and minerals. It also deals in refining, mainly of bauxite and iron ore. Despite controversies related to Australia’s sacred cave demolition and the Bougainville Civil War, Rio Tinto remains a successful component of the FTSE 100 and S&P/ASX 200 indices.

RIO distributed very high dividends recently (from 5% to 13%), with the current rate slightly above 5%.

Top 50 Dividend Stocks to Buy: RIO
Rio Tinto (RIO) dividend history. Source:

RIO price today

5. Equinor (EQNR) – est. annual div. yield: 3.66%

Equinor ASA (OSE: EQNR, NYSE: EQNR) is a Norwegian state-owned energy company. Primarily an oil company, Equinor also has a significant presence in the natural gas and renewable energy industries. It operates in 36 countries and is a global leader in offshore wind energy production, pivoting the global transition towards clean and sustainable sources. In 2020, Forbes Global 2000 listed Equinor as the 169th-largest public company worldwide.

EQNR regularly provides shareholders quarterly dividend payments of high dividend yield (often over 5%).

Equinor (EQNR) dividend history. Source:

EQNR price today

6. Altria (MO) – est. annual div. yield: 8.53%

Altria Group, Inc. (NYSE: MO), formerly Philip Morris Companies, is an American corporation and one of the world’s largest producers and marketers of tobacco, cigarettes, vapes, and related consumer goods. While it spun off Philip Morris to tackle international tobacco markets, Altria has remained the branch dedicated to the local American demand. The company is the S&P 100 component and formerly a part of the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

The dividend yield for MO has stayed strong above the rate of 5% for nearly five years. It has paid out shareholders consistently each quarter, with the mid-2023 yield rate hitting 8.26%.

Top 50 Dividend Stocks to Buy: MO
Altria (MO) dividend history. Source:

MO price today

7. Enbridge (ENB) – est. annual div. yield: 7.46%

Enbridge Inc. (TSX: ENB) is a multinational Canadian pipeline and energy company. An integral part of the energy transportation market, Enbridge operates pipelines across Canada and the U.S.

The company deals chiefly in transporting crude oil, natural gas, and natural gas liquids. Its pipeline system is the longest in North America and the largest oil export network in the world. Additionally, the company is involved in renewable projects as well. 

ENB is a high-yield dividend stock (7.42% as of September 1, 2023) with a history of regular dividend payments, making it one of the top dividend stocks to invest in.

Enbridge (ENB) dividend history. Source:

ENB price today

8. British American Tobacco (BTI) – est. annual div. yield: 8.96%

British American Tobacco plc (LSE: BATS, NYSE: BTI) is a British multinational company and the global leader based on net sales of tobacco-related products. It produces and sells cigarettes, tobacco, and various nicotine products, including household brands like Lucky Strike, Dunhill, and Pall Mall, to more than 180 countries. It also expanded into the electronic cigarette industry.

British American Tobacco is a component of FTSE 100. BATS, its stock, distributes dividends quarterly with a high dividend yield (consistently over 5% in the last five years and 8.86% as of September 2023).

Top 50 Dividend Stocks to Buy: BTI
British American Tobacco (BTI) dividend history. Source:

BTI price today

9. Enterprise Products (EPD) – est. annual div. yield: 7.49%

Enterprise Products Partners L.P. (NYSE: EPD) is an American energy pipeline company specializing in storing and transporting natural gas, petroleum, petrochemicals, and refined oil and gas products. The company’s network is vital to the energy supply chain that fuels dozens of industries.

Enterprise Products was included in the 2018 Fortune 500 list of the largest U.S. companies by total revenue. 

EPD has been a high-yield dividend stock for almost a decade, with the Q3 2023 rate reaching 7.14%.

Enterprise Products (EPD) dividend history. Source:

EPD price today

10. BBVA (BBVA) – est. annual div. yield: 7.15%

Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria, S.A. (BMAD: BBVA, NYSE: BBVA) is a Spanish multinational financial services company and one of the world’s largest financial institutions. It provides many banking and financial services worldwide, with a particularly robust presence in Spain, Portugal, and Latin America.

BBVA is Spain’s 2nd-largest bank, a part of the IBEX 35 and Dow Jones EURO STOXX 50. Although its dividend yields were not the most stable in recent years, dropping to 1.32% on August 10, 2021, it is slightly above 7% as of September 1, 2023.

Top 50 Dividend Stocks to Buy: BBVA
BBVA (BBVA) dividend history. Source:

BBVA price today

11. Energy Transfer (ET) – est. annual div. yield: 9%

Energy Transfer LP (NYSE: ET) is an American energy company engaged in natural gas and propane pipeline transport. Additionally, it deals with crude oil and refined products via its extensive pipeline network. The company is one of the focal points of the U.S. midstream energy infrastructure sector, contributing to the construction and operation of pipelines and terminals across the state. 

Energy Transfer is one of the best dividend stocks to invest in 2023 due to consistent dividend payouts and historically high dividend yields, with the September 1, 2023 rate amounting to 9.10%.

Energy Transfer (ET) dividend history. Source:

ET price today

12. Vodafone Group (VOD) – est. annual div. yield: 10.24%

Vodafone Group plc (LSE: VOD) is a British multinational telecommunications company and one of the world’s largest mobile network operators. Its dominant industry field is operating services in Europe, Asia, Africa, and Oceania across 21 countries. It is a constituent of the FTSE 100.

VOD’s dividend history tends to be very positive, with swings in the dividend yield rate that can go as high as 10% but rarely below 5%. As of September 1, 2023, it is at 10.3%, making it a desirable dividend stock.

Top 50 Dividend Stocks to Buy: VOD
Vodafone Group (VOD) dividend history. Source:

VOD price today

13. Ecopetrol (EC) – est. annual div. yield: 17.40%

Ecopetrol (BVC: ECOPETROL, NYSE: EC) is Colombia’s largest petroleum company and one of the largest oil producers in Latin America. The company’s key aspects revolve around exploration, production, refining, and distribution of oil and petroleum-related products.

Ecopetrol’s continuous growth launched it into the Fortune Global 500 list. As a state-owned enterprise, Ecopetrol is crucial to Colombia’s economy. 

Although it showed a few hectic swings in the past and some irregularities in the pace of dividend payments, since 2021, the dividend yield has been high, and it stands at 17.48% as of September 1, 2023.

Ecopetrol (EC) dividend history. Source:

EC price today

14. United Microelectronics Corporation (UMC) – est. annual div. yield: 6.05%

United Microelectronics Corporation (TWSE: 2303, NYSE: UMC) is a Taiwanese semiconductor foundry business and the world’s 2nd-largest of its kind. The company focuses on manufacturing integrated circuit wafers for fabless semiconductor companies and is a significant supplier of components to the automaking and consumer electronics industries. UMC is a global presence in the semiconductor supply chain, providing innovative manufacturing solutions to tech companies worldwide.

UMC is a high-yield stock that pays dividends to shareholders once per year. The dividend yield as of September 1, 2023 is 6.15%. 

Top 50 Dividend Stocks to Buy: UMC
United Microelectronics Corporation (UMC) dividend history. Source:

UMC price today

15. Sociedad Química y Minera (SQM) – est. annual div. yield: 13.84%

Sociedad Química y Minera de Chile (BCS: SQM, NYSE: SQM) is a Chilean-based chemical and mining company known for being the world’s biggest lithium producer. Additionally, the company is a significant supplier of specialty plant nutrients, iodine, and industrial chemicals to the global market.

SQM is of essential importance to the agriculture and electronics industries. The lithium it provides is integral to the mass deployment of electric vehicles and renewable energy infrastructure and storage systems. 

SQM’s stock had a rough past but has shown stable growth since 2020 and has become a top dividend stock to invest in. As of September 1, 2023, the dividend yield is at an astonishing 13.84%. 

Sociedad Química y Minera (SQM) dividend history. Source:

SQM price today

16. Ares Capital Corporation (ARCC) – est. annual div. yield: 9.91%

Ares Capital Corporation (NASDAQ: ARCC) is a business development company and a subsidiary of Ares Management Corporation. It provides financing for middle-market financial processes such as acquisitions, leveraged buyouts, and recapitalizations in the U.S. It is regulated as a business development company (BDC).

ARCC is a very high dividend yield stock, with the September 1, 2023 rate being almost 10%. Although it may look like a high-yield dividend trap, the stock has distributed the cash regularly and consistently for years, showing no signs of artificial dividend inflation.  

Top 50 Dividend Stocks to Buy: ARCC
Ares Capital Corporation (ARCC) dividend history. Source:

ARCC price today

17. KeyCorp (KEY) – est. annual div. yield: 7.15%

KeyCorp (NYSE: KEY) is an American bank and the parent company of KeyBank, the only major bank based in Cleveland. It offers various financial services such as banking, lending, and investment management. The bank caters mainly to the Midwest and Northeastern U.S., but it maintains business offices in 39 states.

Fortune 500 listed Key based on its 2021 revenue. The KEY dividend stock has a stable and rising dividend output, rewarding shareholders with a 7.50% dividend yield in August 2023.

KeyCorp (KEY) dividend history. Source:

KEY price today

18. Annaly Capital Management (NLY) – est. annual div. yield: 12.77%

Annaly Capital Management, Inc. (NYSE: NLY) is one of the largest mortgage real estate investment trusts (REITs), with the principal office in NYC. It focuses on investing in and managing residential and commercial mortgage-backed securities, commonly those issued by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac

The company earns for the net interest spread between the interest and borrowing costs amplified by leverage. It entered the Fortune 1000 list in 2022 based on its revenues. 

Solid REITs are ideal candidates for top dividend stocks to invest in, and NLY is a REIT with excellent historical performance. Annaly has had a dividend yield of over 10% for several years. As of September 1, 2023, it is 12.77%.

Top 50 Dividend Stocks to Buy: NLY
Annaly Capital Management (NLY) dividend history. Source:

NLY price today

19. Gerdau (GGB) – est. annual div. yield: 9.91%

Gerdau (B3: GGBR3, NYSE: GGB) is a Brazilian steel manufacturing company. With operations across North and South America, it is the largest producer of long steel in the Americas. An installed capacity of 26 million metric tons of steel annually allows Gerdau to provide the materials for civil construction, automobile, industrial, agricultural, and multiple other sectors.

As of September 1, 2023, GGB has a dividend yield of 9.91% and a dividend payout ratio with enough earnings to back this lucrative benefit. 

Gerdau (GGB) dividend history. Source:

GGB price today

20. Ternium (TX) – est. annual div. yield: 8.49%

Ternium S.A. (BCBA: TXAR, NYSE: TX) is a leading Latin American manufacturer of flat and long steel products with production centers in Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Guatemala, Colombia, and the United States. Ternium uses highly integrated processes to produce a wide range of steel products for construction, manufacturing, and automotive. It has a yearly production capacity of 12.4 million tons. 

The TX dividend stock shares its profits with stakeholders semi-annually and has maintained steady and reliable growth over the years. On September 1, 2023, its dividend yield was 8.49%.

Top 50 Dividend Stocks to Buy: TX
Ternium (TX) dividend history. Source:

TX price today

21. Omega Healthcare Investors (OHI) – est. annual div. yield: 8.20%

Omega Healthcare Investors, Inc. (NYSE: OHI) is a REIT that offers financing and capital to the healthcare industry in the long term, with a strong focus on skilled nursing and assisted living facilities across the U.S. and the U.K.

Omega manages a diverse portfolio of healthcare properties and generates income from tenants in the healthcare sector. The company’s financial objective allows shareholders to benefit from the aging population’s rising demand for senior healthcare residences and services. 

Although not technically a top dividend stock, OHI is a high-dividend-yield asset with a long history of consistent payment and a solid foundation for continued performance. On September 1, 2023, its dividend yield was 8.20%.

Omega Healthcare Investors (OHI) dividend history. Source:

OHI price today

22. Algonquin Power & Utilities (AQN) – est. annual div. yield: 7.40%

Algonquin Power & Utilities Corp. (TSX: AQN, NYSE: AQN) is a Canadian renewable energy and diversified utility company known for operating clean power and sustainable infrastructure operations across North America. Its primary focuses are wind, solar, and hydroelectric power generation, with significant water distribution and wastewater treatment service businesses. 

As a dividend stock, it pays its shareholders a steady quarterly income with reasonably high dividend yields ranging from 5% to 10%. On September 1, 2023, its dividend yield was 7.40%.

Top 50 Dividend Stocks to Buy: AQN
Algonquin Power & Utilities (AQN) dividend history. Source:

AQN price today

23. Blue Own Capital (OWL) – est. annual div. yield: 9.43%

Blue Owl Capital (NYSE: OWL) is an American alternative asset management company. Headquartered in New York City, it holds offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, and other locations. Blue Own’s primary business domain is direct lending, credit, and equity investments in middle-market companies. Additionally, the company manages multiple funds and strategies, serving both institutions and individuals.

The company is a Russell 1000 component, and its stock regularly pays dividends quarterly. Although the company was founded in 2021, and there is not much history to back its performance up, its dividend yield has been stable and amounts to 9.43% as of September 1, 2023.

Blue Own Capital (OWL) dividend history. Source:

OWL price today

24. Western Union (WU) – est. annual div. yield: 7.53%

The Western Union Company (NYSE: WU) is a global financial services company headquartered in Denver, Colorado. Previously known for its communications services, it shifted entirely towards financial services in 2006. Western Union has made a reputation for its cross-border money transfer and payment services to both individuals and businesses across the globe. 

The stock is an S&P 400 component. It has been consistently paying out dividends with increasing amounts every quarter. As of September 1, 2023, the dividend yield is 7.53%.

Top 50 Dividend Stocks to Buy: WU
Western Union (WU) dividend history. Source:

WU price today

25. Sibanye-Stillwater (SBSW) – est. annual div. yield: 7.10%

Sibanye-Stillwater (JSE: SSW, NYSE: SBSW) is a multinational mining company based in South Africa. Renowned for its diverse portfolio of mining and processing operations across five continents, it is one of the world’s largest producers of platinum, palladium, and rhodium, with a significant output of gold. 

As a dividend stock, Sibanye-Stillwater has shifted between annual and semi-annual payments. Due to the company being heavily involved in platinum group metals and gold, it might not be an ideal day trading stock for everyone. Still, as a source of passive income and a hedge, with a yield rate of 7.10% as of September 1, 2023, it remains a top dividend stock to invest in.

Sibanye-Stillwater (SBSW) dividend history. Source:

SBSW price today

26. Kohl’s (KSS) – est. annual div. yield: 7.57%

Kohl’s Corporation (NYSE: KSS) is a prominent American department store retail chain. It was the largest department store chain in the U.S. in 2022, with more than 1,150 locations throughout every state except Hawaii. The retail chain is known for its wide assortment of consumer goods, including clothing, home goods, accessories, etc. It commonly provides discount sales and loyalty programs that cater to budget-conscious shoppers.

KSS has been paying quarterly dividends regularly, with a rising yield rate of 7.57% as of September 1, 2023. 

Top 50 Dividend Stocks to Buy: KSS
Kohl’s (KSS) dividend history. Source:

KSS price today

27. Realty Income (O) – est. annual div. yield: 5.46%

Realty Income Corporation (NYSE: O) is a REIT involved with free-standing, single-tenant commercial properties in the U.S., U.K., and Spain. The company is one of a few REITs that pay monthly rather than quarterly dividends. It has a trademark for the phrase: “The Monthly Dividend Company”.

Through a diverse portfolio of real estate across the board, the REIT fosters stable, long-term income generation, allowing it to provide high-yield dividends regularly. As of September 1, 2023, the dividend yield is 5.46%, making Realty Income a solid REIT to invest in

Realty Income (O) dividend history. Source:

O price today

28. Atlantica Sustainable Infrastructure (AY) – est. annual div. yield: 8.04%

Atlantica Sustainable Infrastructure plc (NASDAQ: AY) is a sustainable infrastructure company focusing on renewable energy and the global transition towards sustainability. The company’s diverse portfolio comprises 75% renewable sector, with the rest being efficient natural gas, transmission infrastructure, and water assets.

Atlantica’s stock, AY, has quarterly dividend payouts with historically rising dividend yield. The current September 1, 2023 yield rate is 8.04%, which is quite generous to your initial investment and makes Atlantica Sustainable Infrastructure a top dividend stock to invest in.

Top 50 Dividend Stocks to Buy: AY
Atlantica Sustainable Infrastructure (AY) dividend history. Source:

AY price today

29. Camping World (CWH) – est. annual div. yield: 9.87%

Camping World Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: CWH) is an American corporation selling recreational vehicles (RVs), vehicle parts, RV service, and camping gear. The company operates over 180 retail and service locations in 46 states. It claims the title of the world’s largest supplier of RV parts and supplies.

Furthermore, Camping World sponsors sports entities, being the title sponsor of Camping World Stadium. It officially sponsored MLB’s League Championship Series and NASCAR’s Camping World Truck Series.

CWH has a historically solid dividend yield rate but increased it even further in 2021. As of September 1, 2023, it is 9.87%, turning CWH into one of the best dividend stocks. Investors can expect CWH to distribute payments in quarterly installments.

Camping World (CWH) dividend history. Source:

CWH price today

30. Star Bulk Carriers (SBLK) – est. annual div. yield: 9.08%

Star Bulk Carriers (NASDAQ: SBLK) is a global shipping company that provides dry bulk cargo transportation services. It operates a fleet of 127 modern vessels with a total capacity of approximately 14 million DWT, focusing mainly on transporting commodities like iron ore, coal, and grain, as well as minor bulks such as bauxite, steel products, and fertilizers. Known for reliability and safety, it is one of the top-performing shipping companies in the Rightship risk rating globally.

Although Star Bulk started regularly paying dividends to shareholders every quarter in 2021, the yield rate steadily rose and reached 9.08% on September 1, 2023. 

Top 50 Dividend Stocks to Buy: SBLK
Star Bulk Carriers (SBLK) dividend history. Source:

SBLK price today

31. Goldman Sachs (GS) – est. annual div. yield: 12.43%

The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. (NYSE: GS) is a prominent American multinational investment bank and financial services company. It is famous for providing financial services to individuals, institutions, and corporations worldwide and arranging financing for startups like Spotify, Dropbox, and Foodpanda.

Goldman Sachs is the world’s 2nd-largest investment bank by revenue and is ranked 55th on the Fortune 500 list. Its stock ranks highly among the top dividend stocks to invest in, with consistent and regular dividend payments that reached a yield of 12.43% on September 1, 2023. 

Goldman Sachs (GS) dividend history. Source:

GS price today

32. Kronos Worldwide (KRO) – est. annual div. yield: 8.96%

Kronos Worldwide, Inc. (NYSE: KRO) is a leading global producer and marketer of titanium dioxide pigments, which serve as an ingredient in numerous consumer goods and products, including coatings, plastics, and paper. Founded in 1916, the company has more than a century of history. It is committed to innovation and quality as it serves industries worldwide.

Kronos Worldwide has a long tradition of paying dividends to shareholders. Given in quarterly installments, the dividend yield for KRO as of September 01, 2023 is 8.96%.

Top 50 Dividend Stocks to Buy: KRO
Kronos Worldwide (KRO) dividend history. Source:

KRO price today

33. BCE (BCE) – est. annual div. yield: 7.05%

BCE Inc. (TSX: BCE, NYSE: BCE), or Bell Canada Enterprises, is a Canadian telecommunications and media giant. It provides a wide assortment of services such as wireless and wireline telecoms, internet, and television. The company is crucial to Canada’s telecoms market and the broader digital entertainment sector.

BCE is an S&P/TSX 60 component. Its stock has a decades-long tradition of paying out dividends to shareholders. The yield rarely dips below 5% and stands stable at 7.05% as of September 1, 2023.

BCE (BCE) dividend history. Source:

BCE price today

34. MPLX (MPLX) – est. annual div. yield: 8.86%

MPLX LP (NYSE: MPLX) is a leading American energy infrastructure company primarily focusing on transporting, storing, and distributing oil and natural gas products. It owns and operates midstream energy infrastructure and logistics assets and offers fuel distribution services. The company’s extensive network of pipelines, terminals, and processing facilities across the U.S. is integral to the nation’s energy landscape.

MPLX has paid out high-yield dividends quarterly for several years, a quality common to best dividend stocks. Since 2016, the dividend yield never dipped below 5% – as of September 1, 2023, it is 8.86%.

Top 50 Dividend Stocks to Buy: MPLX
MPLX (MPLX) dividend history. Source:

MPLX price today

35. Western Midstream Partners (WES) – est. annual div. yield: 8.38%

Western Midstream Partners, LP (NYSE: WES) is an American energy company involved in gathering, processing, and transporting crude oil, natural gas, and natural gas liquids. As a midstream service provider, it owns and operates pipelines, compression facilities, and processing plants, primarily in the western and southwestern regions of the U.S.

WES has remained a high-yield dividend stock with regular quarterly payments for several years, showing resilience and stability in the face of economic downturns. Its numerous qualities guarantee it a place on the list of the top 50 dividend stocks to invest in.

Western Midstream Partners (WES) dividend history. Source:

WES price today

36. Starwood Property Trust (STWD) – est. annual div. yield: 9.28%

Starwood Property Trust, Inc. (NYSE: STWD) is a leading U.S.-based REIT that focuses on commercial and residential real estate financing, e.g., originating, acquiring, and servicing mortgage loans and other real estate debt. The trust is managed by Starwood Capital Group, which allows it to leverage its significant platform and market presence.

Like all REITs, Starwood Property Trust must redistribute at least 90% of its taxable income to shareholders, making STWD one of the top dividend stocks to invest in. Given its stellar performance over the years, these dividend payments have a high yield, precisely 9.28%, as of September 1, 2013. 

Top 50 Dividend Stocks to Buy: STWD
Starwood Property Trust (STWD) dividend history. Source:

STWD price today

37. FS KKR Capital (FSK) – est. annual div. yield: 12.43%

FS KKR Capital Corp. (NYSE: FSK) is a publicly traded BDC primarily dealing with customized credit solutions for private middle-market U.S. companies. It provides a range of debt and equity investment services to foster growth and secure the capital needs of the companies in its portfolio. 

FS KKR Capital stock has a stellar dividend reputation, with sustained regular quarterly payments that rarely dip below 10%. As of September 1, 2023, the yield is 12.43%.

FS KKR Capital (FSK) dividend history. Source:

FSK price today

38. OneMain Holdings (OMF) – est. annual div. yield: 9.46%

OneMain Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: OMF) is an American financial services holding company. While headquartered in Indiana, it has central offices across the U.S. The company owns and manages OneMain Finance Corporation and its subsidiaries and relies on that brand for its consumer finance and insurance services. OneMain’s primary domain is personal loans and optional insurance products for customers who need an alternative to traditional lenders, e.g., banks and credit card companies. 

OMF is a top dividend stock with steady and regular payments over the years, with yields ranging from 9% to 17%. As of September 1, 2023, the dividend yield rate is 9.46%. 

Top 50 Dividend Stocks to Buy: OMF
OneMain Holdings (OMF) dividend history. Source:

OMF price today

39. Rithm Capital (RITM) – est. annual div. yield: 9.75%

Rithm Capital Corp (NYSE: RITM) is an asset and investment manager that strives to capitalize on investment opportunities in mortgage servicing rights (MSR). Its diverse and engaging portfolio spans the real estate and financial services sectors. Employing savvy investments, the company nurtured a portfolio that survived and flourished despite shifting market trends and economic environments. 

RITM pays regular quarterly dividends with a lucrative dividend yield of 9.75% as of September 1, 2023.

Rithm Capital (RITM) dividend history. Source:

RITM price today

40. Arbor Realty Trust (ABR) – est. annual div. yield: 12.06%

Arbor Realty Trust, Inc. (NYSE: ABR) is a NY-based REIT focusing on origination, financing, and servicing multifamily and commercial real estate loans. The company provides debt financing solutions to real estate owners, property investors, and developers across the U.S. via a loan portfolio that includes Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHA, and Bridge loans. 

Arbor Realty’s stock has regularly paid shareholders dividends with yields above 7% for a decade. Its August 2023 quarterly dividend payment boasted a dividend yield of 12.06%, securing it a top 50 dividend stock position on our list.

Top 50 Dividend Stocks to Buy: ABR
Arbor Realty Trust (ABR) dividend history. Source:

ABR price today

41. Prospect Capital (PSEC) – est. annual div. yield: 11.90%

Prospect Capital Corporation (NASDAQ: PSEC) is a prominent American publicly traded business development company. It provides debt and equity financing to middle-market businesses, usually those with revenues between $5 million and $2 billion, across all sectors and industries, including energy, manufacturing, technology, and healthcare.

Besides their primary services, they seek to deliver reliable returns to shareholders, which they have been doing for years with monthly dividend payments, the yields of which commonly surpassed the 9% mark. As of September 1, 2023, PSEC is one of the top dividend stocks, with the dividend yield of 11.90%. 

Prospect Capital (PSEC) dividend history. Source:

PSEC price today

42. NuStar Energy (NS) – est. annual div. yield: 9.32%

NuStar Energy L.P. (NYSE: NS) is an energy infrastructure company that deals primarily with storing, transporting, and marketing oil-related products, ammonia, and specialty liquids. With a vast network of 8,700 miles of pipelines and storage facilities for crude oil and refined products, the company plays a vital role in the supply chain of U.S. energy. 

NS has paid shareholders dividends for over two decades, with quarterly yields frequently going above 10%. As of September 1, 2023, the dividend yield is 9.32%.

NuStar Energy (NS) dividend history. Source:

NS price today

43. Hess Midstream (HESM) – est. annual div. yield: 8.13%

Hess Midstream LP (NYSE: HESM) is an American energy infrastructure company that owns, operates, and develops a diverse portfolio of midstream assets providing services to Hess and third-party clients. The company manages projects in the Bakken and Three Forks Shale plays in the Williston Basin area of North Dakota, one of the most prolific crude oil basins in North America.

HESM is a high-yield dividend stock that provides quarterly reimbursements to its shareholders. As of September 05, 2023, the dividend yield is 8.13%.

Hess Midstream (HESM) dividend history. Source:

HESM price today

44. DHT Holdings (DHT) – est. annual div. yield: 15.28%

DHT Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: DHT) is an independent crude oil tanker company. Its international fleets consist of very large crude carrier (VLCC) tankers and operate through integrated companies in Monaco, Norway, and Singapore. The company strives to facilitate the global flow of oil and promotes staying power through the cyclical nature of the price of oil.

Due to the cyclical nature of their business, DHT has had its share of dividend yield swings but has a pretty high average dividend yield. As of September 5, 2023, it is 15.28%. 

DHT Holdings (DHT) dividend history. Source:

DHT price today

45. Global Partners (GLP) – est. annual div. yield: 8.40%

Global Partners LP (NYSE: GLP) is an American midstream energy supply company. It contributes to the U.S. energy system by importing, storing, and marketing oil-related products, including gasoline, diesel, heating oil, and kerosene. Additionally, Global Partners owns and manages a network of retail stations, terminals, and pipelines throughout the U.S. Fortune 500 included the company in 2018.

Global Partners and its stock, GLP, have a long history of steady, sturdy, and reliable dividend payouts to its shareholders. As of September 5, 2023, the dividend yield is 8.40%.

Global Partners (GLP) dividend history. Source:

GLP price today

46. Nordic American Tankers (NAT) – est. annual div. yield: 15.31%

Nordic American Tankers Ltd (NYSE: NAT) is a shipping company primarily dealing with crude oil transportation via its Suezmax tankers fleet. Founded in 1995 and based in Bermuda, it is renowned for its high-quality vessels, transparent financial model, and a history of cost-effective oil shipping for producers, traders, and other players in the global energy industry. 

Nordic American Tankers boast a dividend stock that beats the unstable nature of the oil shipping industry to provide reliable dividend payments every quarter. As of September 5, 2023, the dividend yield for NAT is 15.31%. 

Nordic American Tankers (NAT) dividend history. Source:

NAT price today

47. PetMed Express (PETS) – est. annual div. yield: 10.73%

PetMed Express, Inc. (NASDAQ: PETS), frequently called PetMeds, is a prominent online pet pharmacy based in the U.S. Florida. It focuses on selling prescription and non-prescription pet medications, health products, and supplies directly to U.S. consumers. PetMeds seeks to simplify pet medication access, becoming a popular choice for pet owners in the American market. 

PETS is a regular dividend-paying stock with quarterly cash distributions to its shareholders. While the face value of the stock has seen a mild decrease since 2021, its dividend payouts have maintained their growth, and the yield rate as of September 2023 is 10.73%.

PetMed Express (PETS) dividend history. Source:

PETS price today

48. Truist Financial (TFC) – est. annual div. yield: 6.73%

Truist Financial Corporation (NYSE: TFC) is an American bank holding company formed as the result of BB&T and SunTrust Banks in 2019. The bank operates in over 15 states to provide individuals, businesses, and institutions with banking, lending, wealth management, and insurance services. As of August 2023, it is the 9th-largest bank in the U.S. 

Although its dividend yield of 6.73% as of September 5, 2023, might seem low when compared to some of the other top dividend stocks to invest in, TFC has been giving out dividends regularly for decades.

Truist Financial (TFC) dividend history. Source:

TFC price today

49. Kinder Morgan (KMI) – est. annual div. yield: 6.62%

Kinder Morgan, Inc. (NYSE: KMI) is one of North America’s largest energy infrastructure companies, with a huge network of pipelines, terminals, and storage facilities for natural gas, crude oil, and refined products. With 40% of the market share, it is the largest U.S. natural gas pipeline operator. Kinder Morgan is a component of the S&P 500.

KMI has a firmly established reputation for regular quarterly dividend payouts for shareholders. As of September 5, 2023, the dividend yield amounted to 6.62%.

Kinder Morgan (KMI) dividend history. Source:

KMI price today

50. WPP (WPP) – est. annual div. yield: 6.51%

WPP plc (LSE: WPP) is a British multinational communications, advertising, and PR conglomerate and the largest advertising company in the world. It owns numerous advertising, marketing, and public relations brands worldwide. Its portfolio includes iconic names such as AKQA, BCW, Ogilvy, JWT, and others. It is one of the “Big Four” agency companies and a constituent of the FTSE 100 index.

WPP is a high-yield stock dividend that redistributes a portion of its profits to stakeholders semi-annually. As of September 5, 2023, its dividend yield is 6.51%.

WPP (WPP) dividend history. Source:

WPP price today

Common mistakes to avoid when investing in stocks

To maximize your profit potential, make sure to avoid these common investing mistakes:

  • Lack of research: Research the dividend stocks and the current market tendencies in detail before investing anything;
  • Lack of strategy: Define your goals before you spend any money;
  • Staking everything on one asset: Always diversify your portfolio;
  • Falling prey to scams: Avoid illegal platforms and suspicious deals.

Disclaimer: The content on this site should not be considered investment advice. Investing is speculative. When investing, your capital is at risk.

FAQs about the top 50 dividend stocks to invest in:

How do I buy top dividend stocks?

You can buy dividend stocks using the services of a regulated online brokerage like eToro

Should I invest in dividend stocks?

Dividend stocks are a great way to establish reliable sources of passive income. However, the choice of stock and your personal preferences determine the answer to this question. Make sure to do the necessary research properly before investing.

What dividend stocks should I buy now?

This comprehensive list includes different companies from various sectors and industries. The only thing in common is that they all qualify as top dividend stocks to invest in. Confirm their performance and check whether your investing goals align with the data before purchasing.

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